Wrinkles Home Remedies

By | May 15, 2014

How to get rid of wrinkles under eyes is a common question plaguing the minds of many middle aged people. Wrinkle formation underneath the eyes are induced because of many factors. They could be caused by harmful Ultra violet rays when the under eye area is left exposed to the harsh sunlight. They may be the result of excessive cigarette smoking or stress. Natural aging makes the skin thinner and the production of collagen which imparts suppleness to the skin layers gets diminished. Accumulation of elastin due to harmful sun rays can also be a cause for wrinkle formation.

When your body begins to age, it starts to develop wrinkles over the skin due to a decreased collagen and elastin production. These proteins are made by your body and help to protect the skin layers and keep it firm and supple. As the skin gets older, it also becomes thinner and more susceptible to wrinkles. Wrinkles around mouth and lip areas are often among the first to form on the face and they are visible for the reason that people tend to look at each others lips while talking. Women are more prone to wrinkles around mouth and lip areas as compared to men.

Wrinkles around the eye area are a major cause of worry for many women. They are hard to conceal which adds to the woes. Fortunately, though tough, finding effectual remedies to how to get rid of wrinkles is indeed possible. If you are worrying excessively about eye wrinkles spoiling your beauty, here are some simple tips to make them a problem of past.

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