Ten Home Remedies Acne

By | May 28, 2014

Skin home remedies are a natural way to treat your skin to a detox. Our skin is on show all the time and sometimes it can reflect when all is not well inside our bodies.

Reducing deep acne scars resulting from severe bouts of cystic or nodular lesions requires a well thought out cosmetic corrective plan. And according to reports in Dermatologic Surgery, popularized scar removal options like laser resurfacing may not satisfactorily smooth away deep acne scars. Yet, patients can readily witness scar depth reductions in indented acne scaring using aesthetic therapies such as dermal fillers.

In the USA, about 85 percent of all teenagers will suffer with acne with many of these persons carrying the affliction into their adult years. Nonetheless, there is a very effective home treatment and cure for acne which is certainly not a normal state of health. Without a doubt, the waves of hormones that come with puberty are responsible for an increase in the secretion of sebum (skin oil) which is associated with the onslaught of acne. Some researchers have forwarded the theory that acne is a malady that is genetically transmitted. Others have supported the idea that external conditions such as the food we eat are the most important factors. In our western culture that consumes 47% of calories from fats and oils (this is an enormous amount it should be 10%), genetic factors can have a significant part to play in how prone a person might be to developing acne. To really know whether or not diet is the dominant factor in causing acne, we would have to show that acne is missing in cultures that have diets that are significantly varied from what Americans eat.

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