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Tooth Abscess Natural Remedies

HOMEOPATHIC ALTERNATIVE TO ANTIBIOTICSGood bacteria produce natural Antibiotics, Anticarcinogens and Cholesterol lowering substances and keep our digestive tracts functioning well. Antibiotics only work on bacteria, and not on viruses, most people these days are looking at Natural remedies. DENTAL – TOOTHACHE – SpaceRef – Space News And ReferenceINFECTION (DENTAL ABSCESS) Signs and Symptoms Swelling Fever… Read More »

Natural Remedies Cure Tooth Decay

Development And Evaluation Of Herbal ToothpasteProper dental care is necessary for eliminating tooth decay and periodontal diseases. Many infectious diseases have been known to be treated with herbal remedies through out the history of the man kind. Natural products, Periodontal Disease – Wikipedia, The Free EncyclopediaCaries (tooth decay) Attrition; Abrasion; Erosion; Hypercementosis; tooth resorption (External… Read More »