Simple Home Remedies/sweet Oil

By | March 26, 2014

According to several surveys it has been revealed that billions of women all around the world have long hairs and they prefer this hair style but very few of them have short hairs. Few of them shorten their hairs for the sake of fashion and the remaining is suffering from hair loss problems. There are no doubt all kinds of different treatments out there that claim to help control their thinning hair, but more often than not these prove to be a failure.

Hypothyroidism or low thyroid is a condition in which there is too little of the thyroid hormone in the body. Since every cell in your body is dependent on your thyroid, this poses a major problem.

The nutmeg tree, is native to the Moluccas Islands, located in the archipelago of Indonesia, once known as the Spice Islands. Hidden inside the fruit of the treed is the nutmeg seed, usually about the size of a large egg, encased in a brilliant red netting called an aril. The aril is dried and sold as the spice Mace.

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