Pre Menopause Home Remedies

By | April 7, 2014

Statistics show that about 50% of all females be affected from mild to severe vaginal itch at some stage in their existence. There are a variety of reasons why this happens but in the greater part of cases, it is a warning of the beginning or full term menopause. This can have an adverse effect on a woman,??s sexual desire, which is why it is important for females to comprehend this condition. Rest assured however that there are organic ways to alleviate this lack of vaginal lubrication.

For many women, one of the most uncomfortable symptoms of their forties and early fifties is perimenopause cramps. One thing that often causes cramps during perimenopause is estrogen dominance. Unfortunately, estrogen dominance or an overload of estrogen in the body can cause lots of other symptoms related to menopause, and hair loss, hot flashes, mood swings and sleepless nights are just a few more that come up quite frequently. Sometimes these symptoms related to estrogen dominance can even lead to a misdiagnosis of a thyroid condition. Because there are so many estrogen-like synthetic substances in our environment, our food, and our hair and skin care products, even men and children may end up with an imbalance of estrogen in their bodies.

At home (or in the supermarket) remedies and soy preparations may work because of their plant estrogens, When pre-menopausal levels of estrogen are present in a rat's brain, three things happen: its nerve cells grow and are well sustained,

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Is the journey toward menopause disrupting your life? Menopause happens gradually during a period call perimenopause or pre-menopause. While the average age homeopathic remedies, and acupuncture to help prevent the development of symptoms.

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