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By | February 27, 2017

Rehabilitation Medicine Assessment of Nursing Home Residents Fahim Anwar1, Ahmad Al-Khayer2 1 MRCS, FRP, FE PRM, onsultant in Rehabilitation Medicine, Anwar F et al., International Journal of Therapies and Rehabilitation Research 2016; 5 (4):117-125

Holistic nursing care: theories and perspectives Ioanna Papathanasiou 1, Abstract: Introduction: Holistic medicine and holistic nursing aim at the improvement of healing of the individual as a bio-psycho-social unity, American Journal of Nursing Science 2013, 2(1) :

Volume 2/Issue 3 October 2011 49 Ce Learning Objectives ⦁⦁ Describe medication administration in the nursing home.

The Safety of Warfarin Therapy in the Nursing Home Setting Jerry H. Gurwitz, MD,a,b Terry S. Field, DSc, aMartha J. Radford, MD,c Leslie R. Harrold, MD, MPH, The American Journal of Medicine (2007) 120, 539-544. this population require particular attention.1-3 Factors such

WSJ: What about cost? DR. DHARMARAJAN: This is a potential win-win for hospitals and insurance companies, which are interested in lowering readmission rates and avoiding costly nursing-home

NAHRS 2012 Selected List of Nursing Journals Nursing and Allied Health Resources Section of the Medical Library Association (NAHRS/MLA) Prepared by the NAHRS Research Committee Journal Project Team

The role of nursing homes in national health care reform: From warehouse to medical home 4 Lifetime use of nursing home care, Kemper and Murtaugh, New England Journal of Medicine 1991

NURSING & HEALTH SCIENCES JOURNALS . American Journal of Critical Care (p,o) American Journal of Medicine (o) American Journal of Nursing (p)

Impact factors in nursing journals Denise F. Polit, PhD, FAANa,b,*, Sally Northam, RN, PhDc Nursing journal Professional issues Publishing abstract Journal impact factors (IFs), a measure of citation frequency, are published

Nursing home residents with psychiatric disorders deserve to enjoy the full spectrum of of Medicine, describes how the After reading this journal, participants should be able to:

International Journal of Caring Sciences 2012 May-August Vol 5 Issue 2 80 inernationaljournalofcaringsciences Rehabilitation Nursing: the field of physical medicine. In 1945, eight

The Journal of Legal Medicine, 23: 43-56. Geller, J.M., Muus, K.J. 1993 Job satisfaction of rural public and home health nurses. Public Health Nursing, 10(1):42- Journal of Nursing Administration, 21(11):30-34. Gibbens, Brad

journal homepage: Clinical Uncertainties in the Approach to Long Term Care Residents With Possible Urinary Tract Infection David A. Nace MD, MPH, nursing home medical decision making ABSTRACT Urinary tract infection

Implementing Best Practice In Medication Management In a Nursing Home . 10107126 . Aderonke Oluwatoyin Agboji . A dissertation submitted in part fulfilment

Patient Safety in Nursing Homes Kali Thomas University of South Florida, Domains and Nursing Home Survey of Patient Safety Culture report from the Institute of Medicine attributing 98,000 hospital deaths each year to errors by staff.

1 ROLE OF THE MEDICAL DIRECTOR IN THE NURSING HOME. 1. Executive Summary . Nationwide, nursing facility care is changing to include not only long-term care of frail

WSJ: What about cost? DR. DHARMARAJAN: This is a potential win-win for hospitals and insurance companies, which are interested in lowering readmission rates and avoiding costly nursing-home

They delivered Valentine gifts and sang love songs. COMMENTS. 28 at King’s Italian WVU School of Nursing to offer in-state tuition to all students in RN-BSN program other healthcare

Wayne Memorial Community Health Medical School, Philadelphia. She completed both her internship and residency in internal medicine at the Keesler Air Force Base Medical Center in Biloxi,

“Families deal with problems as they pop up. And that is the worst time to be thinking about putting in a feeding tube in Dad or putting Mom in a nursing home. People don’t make good decisions