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By | November 29, 2012

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teeth, kidneys and tonsils. Major complications are spreading of the abscess material to adjacent or remote tissues and extensive regional tissue death .

Of natural fibre since this offers some protection against the destructive effects of sugar. Kali Phos – Bleeding of the gums, severe pain in decayed or filled teeth. Specific Remedies Decay of teeth as soon as they appear – Calc Phos Dentition retarded
Know herbs, and should be able to recommend natural remedies to you if you request them. The next time you experience the pain of a toothache – you brush and never try to tear your gums apart thinking it will get your teeth cleaner. If you use tobacco products,

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FEEL BETTER ■ NATURAL REMEDIES teeth and gums. DIRECTIONS: Use after meals (minimum twice daily). Rinse mouth thoroughly with clean water. Place ORAREX™MCF on soft bristled toothbrush and brush normally in back and forth motion, carefully

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Natural remedies may have some medical cre-dence, according to a new book by Rob Hicks, a bres also act like a toothbrush on teeth and gums. Body Odour RADISHES: To make a juice, blitz radishes in a food processor, then place in a muslin cloth and

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Stimulate the body’s natural healing response to provide rapid, reliable relief the healing remedies enter Healthy Gums & Teeth For relief from symptoms of plaque buildup, such as mouth pain, dental caries,

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All of our natural remedies are formulated by our expert team of herbalists, naturopaths and homeopaths, and headed by Michele Carelse. Michele has had years of experience in know that when proper care is not given to their gums and teeth,

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Folk remedies have an endearing quality for mankind because they are simple, The best oil to use is cold pressed Sunflower seed oil or Natural Peanut oil. If you have a hard time for several times. Then, brush gums, teeth and tongue with salt and baking soda. If you have chronic

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Rub the teeth and gums with this paste twice daily. Diabetes • ½–1 tsp of turmeric should be taken 3 times a day. Diarrhoea Try out some of these simple natural remedies for smooth, clear and radiant complexion. Hair Loss

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Holistic dentistry: Natural remedies. The right herb in the right gums and teeth. The herbal neem toothpastes that avoid the use of common “unnatural” ingredients like lauryl sulfate, saccharin,