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by Agatha Thrash, MD & Calvin Thrash, MD “Many old-fashioned remedies are going out of fashion, not be- ~Natural Remedies Testimonial~ 107:20 How did the centurion show his faith in Christ? “The centurion answered and said, Lord, I am not worthy

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Dr. Agatha Thrash, Dr. Thomas Jackson and Elder Richard Marker. More information is online at was certified to offer their customized natural remedies-based treatments to the public. The in-spectors commented on how different Wildwood

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Stimulate the body to encourage natural healing is to use a simple remedies that has no side effects – charcoal. For many years I have known of and Dr Agatha Thrash, a physician, mother, grandmother and a public health educa-

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Charcoal is a fine black carbon powder made from natural materials like hardwood; Calvin Thrash & Phylis Austin. Home Remedies (chapter – Charcoal Therapy) – Agatha Moody Thrash & Calvin Thrash. Charcoal

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Various homeophatic remedies must be designed to fit the in-dividual for the moment, Agatha M. Thrash, M.D.,15 Uchee Pines Institute, Seale, Ala-bama suggests for Tennis Elbow, Natural Food Associates, 1988. 7. William H. Philpott,

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Thrash, Agatha; & Calvin Thrash (1981). Home Remedies: Hydrotherapy, Massage, Charcoal and Other Simple Treatments. Seale, Alabama: Thrash Publications. Natural environment based therapies; Bathing; Hydrotherapy Navigation

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Natural Remedies / Austin, Phylis; Thrash, Agatha &6.95914-2406 Natural Remedies Encyclopedia / Ferrell, Vance H 39.95965-7456 Natural Treatments for Hypertension / Thrash, Agatha M,14.95931-4313 Physician's Slimming Guide, A / Barnard, Neal D, MD5.95906-1699
Uchee Pines was founded in 1970 by Doctors Agatha and Calvin Thrash to emphasize prevention and cure of disease through natural means. natural remedies, and gospel evangelism designed to give individuals a better understanding of God’s methods for health ministry.

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Natural Remedies Barhydt, Elizabeth Self-Help for Kids Bates, W.M. M.D. Bates Method – Better Eyesight Without Glasses Bayly, Doreen E. Reflexology Today Thrash, Agatha M.D and Thrash, Calvin M.D. Rx: Charcoal Tibberand, Maggie Aromatherapy for Women