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By | November 17, 2012

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Natural pesticides are a cheap and safer alternative to products bought in a store. Also an insecticide against aphids. Ajo, garlic (Allium savitum ). Finely chop 3 bulbs of garlic and mix with 10 litres of water.

Aphids are among the most obnoxious of orchid pests. reproductive modes. These habits occur frequently in native aphid species on natural hosts in temperate regions, remedies based on “household” chemicals for pest control.

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A Collection of Natural Remedies for the Garden. 2 | Page Mix all the ingredients in a sprayer and apply to leaves of affected. Green Lacewings, feed on aphids, scale insects, leafhoppers, thrips, small flies, other small insects and eggs.

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Occur. Most insect problems (aphids, thrips, spider mites, and mealy bugs) occur in the warm remedies, they are still chemicals and personal protection is still important. Cinnamon Powder –has many medicinal uses and is a known natural fungicide. 1.

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Cordyceps is a genus of ascomycete fungi (sac fungi) that includes about 400 identified species and many yet to be described. All Cordyceps species are endoparasitoids, mainly on insects and other arthropods (they are thus entomopathogenic fungi); a few are parasitic on other fungi. Until

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Many natural remedies have not been scientifically tested or evaluated conclusively. Their popularity suggests they Additional use of white oil may suffocate the aphids. Chilli spray for soft-bodied insects Some products available contain chilli as well as garlic

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Home > Free Information > Home Remedies A lot of folks are big believers in trying to be as "organic" as possible when controlling ailments in their plant collections, or just trying to spruce them up. such as aphids & mealie bugs:

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Under natural condition, stink bugs, and aphids; depending on circumstances it may still be desirable to use insecticides against these. cotton root bark was used in folk remedies as an abortifacient, that is, to induce a miscarriage.

If they are “natural.” remedies, it is best to use tools (containers, spray bottles, etc.) reserved for this purpose. Mark all home remedy storage containers clearly and keep Spray on plants infested with spider mites, whiteflies, aphids or thrips. NB: Insecticidal soap is not a

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Homemade remedies to control specific pests. Aphids Biology. This soft-bodied insect usually occurs on new shoots, crowns, and undersides of leaves (Figure 1). The aphid life cycle includes eggs, nymphs, and adults. Adults are either wingless or

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Aphids Aphids, or plant lice, are small (1/8" or less), soft- other remedies have been explored, a pesticide* that is least toxic to people and natural predators, can be considered. Prior to using any pesticides, plants

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Anise Pimpinella anisum, also called aniseed, is a flowering plant in the family Apiaceae native to the eastern Mediterranean region and Southwest Asia. Its flavor has similarities with star anise and fennel. Anise is a herbaceous annual plant growing to 1 m (3 ft) or more tall. The leaves at