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Witch Hazel Herbal Remedies and Applications. natural skin care; healing lessons; herbal remedies; Witch hazel is best known for its astringent qualities as a skin toner and facial cleanser. I was first introduced to it by my mother when I was in my teens.

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After Maggie's second treatment, the tinnitus in her right ear disappeared completely. She felt so good that she tried to eat solid food, Natural Remedies; Diet and Fitness; Sexuality and Sensuality; Healing Dictionary; Holistic Healing.; Religion & Spirituality;

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The most frequent symptoms and signs of CMS are headache, dizziness, tinnitus, breathlessness, palpitations, sleep disturbance, fatigue, anorexia, mental confusion, cyanosis, and dilation of veins.

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Most universal homeopathic remedies used for relief of sinus congestion, headaches and sinus pressure associated with ing. tinnitus and vertigo. It is for chronic mucus discharge After 30 years of clinical practice and research in home-opathy,

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Palsy), tinnitus, and sensory hyperacusis (unusual sensitivity to sound or light) † Defi cits with memory — short-term, sequential, spatial, and modifi ed home instruction programs (Msall et al., 2003). As educational personnel may not be familiar with the physical, neu-

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Proposed alternative remedies . There are various "natural" methods alleged to alleviate snoring. These can be in the form of herbal pills, acupressure devices or specialized acupuncture. There are occasions wherein snoring is the result of a wrong sleeping position.

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Remedies, Dietary Supplements, and Cosmetics elements of natural energies Metal, Wood, Water, Fire, andE thd Earth. 7. Some Interesting Facts • >50% of Europeans, North Americans, and people dizziness due to tinnitus and otalgia,