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By | September 24, 2012

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remedies and items related with concerned planets, for which I am giving below first of all some charts for ready reference: Mercury – Saturn Mango tree Mercury – Rahu Nelar, which is common on banyan tree (Moon and Jupiter) and

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The leaves of holy basil are one of the most effective of several home remedies in the treatment of common fever. A decoction made of about twelve grams of these leaves, Grind a few roots of the mango tree into a fine paste and apply on the palm and soles of the patients. 4)

mango, kiwi fruit, papaya or fresh pineapple. Gas can be a problem. Coughs and sore throats can be controlled with several home remedies. A classic required a large lemon. Start by slowing roasting it until it just splits open. Now take up to half a
OR As a part of back pain home remedies , raw potato in the form of poultice is to be applied on the pain affected area. Home Remedy for Sinusitis: Mango serves as an effective home remedy for preventing the frequent attacks of sinus,

The mango tree is regarded by homoeopaths as one of the best remedies for passive haemorrhages. It is a cure for the swellings of the lobes of the ear. On its home ground in India the mango became a status symbol. The Moghul ruler Akbar (1556-1605)

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Mango – List of Contents – Wonder Foods – Fruits :- Orange Papaya Pineapple It is considered as a safe home made finding their way into remedies for conditions as different and unrelated to each other as mumps, lumbago

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mango, whole milk, orange, pink grapefruit, pumpkin, covering fish, during the last ten years to find the potent tinnitus home remedies. Its tinnitus remedies solutions are natural, holistic and effective because

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Banana, mango, grapes, papaya, jack fruit etc. and vegetables like potato, tapioca, sweet potato etc. containing lot of carbohydrates. Home Remedies Some home remedies help to regulate the blood sugar level. You can try out some of

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Ziziphus zizyphus (from Greek ζίζυφον, zizyfon), commonly called jujube (sometimes jujuba), red date, Chinese date, Korean date, or Indian date is a species of Ziziphus in the buckthorn family Rhamnaceae, used primarily as a shade tree that also bears fruit. Its precise natural

HOME REMEDIES for SMOOTH, GLOWING SKIN . You can transform your dry skin into a super smooth, soft, supple, and glowing Powder mango peels and mix 1 teaspoon milk powder and rub on face, neck, and hands.

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Leucorrhoea : Home remedies & Ayurveda India is a land of Rishi Mnunis and Ayurveda. There are over 500 plants in several parts of • Mango seed powder: Mango seed powder in the dose of 1-2 gm's twice daily cure leucorrhoea.

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Among the numerous home remedies found beneficial in the treatment of intestinal worms, the use of coconut is most effective. Slice and dry the kernel of mango. Mix 1 tablespoon fenugreek seeds and powder it. Take 1 teaspoon in buttermilk.