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Medicinal plants have been used for centuries as remedies for human diseases because they contain components of therapeutic value (Jamine, et al., 2007). Copyright ' 2009, Journal of Natural Products, INDIA, Dr. Sudhanshu Tiwari, All rights reserved 66

Vol. 3/1 (2003)54-62 JOURNAL OF NATURAL REMEDIES Preliminary evaluation of the anti-inflammatory and anti-hepatotoxic activities of 'Parsley' Petroselinum crispum in rats

Natural Remedies for Improving Learning and Memory-Review Najar Urfan Nabi1*, Kumar Neeraj2, Tabassum N, Rasool S, et al “Natural Cognitive Enhancers” Journal of Pharmacy Research, 2012, 5 (1): 153-160. 7. Howes MJ, and Houghton PJ, “Plants used in Chinese and

JOURNAL OF NATURAL REMEDIES * Corresponding author Email: Vol. 9/2 (2009) 142 – 151 1. Introduction Hibiscus rosa sinensis Linn (Malvaceae) is also

Rosellica®, the first natural supplement to use the power of Hibiscus sabdariffa as its main ingredient, has become a top seller for the company. "When we launched Rosellica® back in 2009, we were

PREVENTION AND TREATMENT OF DENGUE WITH NATURAL DRUGS Shahid Rasool1, Uzma Saleem1, Saeed Mahmood2, M. Yasir Ali1, Ghulam Abbas1 and Bashir Ahmad3 Journal of Natural Products. 61(4), 542-545. Veena, P., Tripathi, A.K., Aggarwal, K.K. and Khanuja,

Http:// Natural Herbal Cures & Remedies The Alternative Cure Advantage: Alternative medicine believes that natural health is a consequence of a variety of

Nutritional and herbal supplements for anxiety and anxiety-related disorders Lakhan and Vieira Nutrition Journal 2010, 9:42 Coleman E, Rothstein E: Natural remedies for anxiety disorders: potential use and clinical applications. Depress Anxiety 2009

The Canadian Journal of CME / February 2002 67 As more patients explore the use of herbal prod-ucts, it has become increasingly important for •All herbal/natural remedies marketed as a food (category 4) are of concern to health professionals due

HERBAL REMEDIES Helping Patients Make Informed, Healthy Decisions Studies of patients in family practice settings have reported use of herbal remedies as high as 50 percent. A recent article in the Journal of the American Medical Association reported that 15 million Americans

JOURNAL OF NATURAL REMEDIES * Corresponding author Email: Ethanolic extract of Moringa oleifera increased cytotoxic effect of doxorubicin on HeLa cancer cells Adam Hermawan*, Kholid Alfan Nur, Sarmoko, Dyaningtyas Dewi, Pamungkas Putri, Edy Meiyanto

Fall 2004, Mushroom the Journal Page 1 Puffballs: Overlooked Medicinals? By Will H. Blackwell On those occasions, of late, that I have perused the legion of books

International Journal of Pharmaceutical and Phytopharmacological ISSN (Print) 2250 – 1029 Int.J.Pharm.Phytopharmacol.Res. 2012, 1(6): 396-402 (Review Article) Natural Remedies for Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) : A Review In this study the impact of flaxseed

Transfer Factor Basic exceptionally effective in activating Natural Killer (NK) cell function. (NK cells are our first line of defense against many health challenges.) The results of these studies are very important because a 2004 research

CLEVELAND CLINIC JOURNAL OF MEDICINE VOLUME 70 • NUMBER 4 APRIL 2003361 ATIENTS WHO IMPACT (Internal Medicine Preoperative Assessment and Consultation) Center,The Cleveland Clinic.The natural remedies.

Nitrate, Ascorbic Acid, natural remedies. Nitrogen is the building block for amino acids and protein synthesis as well as /100 g = (titre × dye factor × volume made up × 100)/(aliquot of extract × volume of sample).

Rosellica®, the first natural supplement to use the power of Hibiscus sabdariffa as its main ingredient, has become a top seller for the company. "When we launched Rosellica® back in 2009, we were

During the long holiday season from Halloween to New Year's, various dishes and recipes call for spices that mostly get their moment in the sun at this time of year. 

Brooks Hays CINCINNATI, Oct. 29 (UPI) — In a study published this week in the journal Nature, scientists say they were able to successfully construct miniature human stomachs using stem cells.

Brushing your teeth with a strawberry and baking-soda mixture  — which "The Dr. Oz Show" and YouTube videos have touted as a natural, cheap, easy, do-it-yourself way to brighten teeth — does not actually whiten teeth, and may even weaken them, new research shows. "Strawberries also contain a high concentration of citric acid, with trace amounts of malic acid, depending on the ripeness and