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By | September 12, 2013

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The sleeplessness of long air travels and potential remedies. How athletes can reduce the effects of jet lag on sports performance Jet lag and your brain No-Jet-Lag, A User Friendly Aid for Jet Lag Symptoms Natural Remedies to Avoid Jet Lag.

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This paper highlights the importance of thirty-two plant species of Indian distribution used in Electro-homeopathic system of treatment of diseases. Siddha, Unani, Ethnic and home remedies are in practice since time immemorial and till today quite popular sleeplessness. 5. Allium cepa L.

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Here's an eclectic mix of home remedies that doctors from around the world say may reduce symptoms and give comfort for what ails you. many East Indian restaurants serve dainty bowls of fennel The Ukrainian remedy for sleeplessness is nothing more complicated than a cup of

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Read about home remedies for insomnia and insomnia treatments and also know more about insomnia cure with proven home remedies.

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Phentermine, a contraction of "phen yl – ter tiary-butyl a mine", is a psychostimulant drug of the phenethylamine class, with pharmacology similar to amphetamine.

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Virtually all the symptoms and signs of Graves' disease result from the direct and indirect effects of hyperthyroidism, with exceptions being Graves' ophthalmopathy, goitre and pretibial myxedema (which are caused by the autoimmune processes of Graves' disease). These clinical manifestations are

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Home; Random; Nearby; Watchlist; Uploads; Settings; Log in; About Wikipedia; Disclaimers; Anise. anise was used as a cure for sleeplessness, chewed with alexanders and a little honey in the morning to freshen the breath, Indian spices;

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Indian Sorrel (Oxalis corniculata) So it can be used by children and adults alike to treat their problems of sleeplessness. Home Remedies for Insomnia 1. Take a glassful of celery juice and mix a teaspoonful of honey in it.

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Traditional Home Remedies for Common Ailments from Himayatnagar Taluka of Nanded District Indian Council for Medical Research task force Sleeplessness A pinch of jaifal powder is mixed in luke warm milk