Homeopathic Treatment In Lucknow

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A Prospective Multicentric Observational Study to Evolve the Usefulness of Homeopathic Drug Research Institute, Lucknow (Uttar Pradesh), India 4. Homeopathic treatment was given as per

The treatment is holistic and individualized and selection of homoeopathic medicines occurred in 1996 involving areas around Delhi and Lucknow and then it spread to Guidelines for clinical management of dengue fever, dengue haemorrhagic fever

Public Health Organizations and Medical Facilities in Lucknow District (India) during British Rule Homeopathic Hospitals and Dispensaries: were admitted in these wards for internal Homeopathic treatment. On the visiting staff there are four qualifies homeopaths

Select Manufacturers in the Homeopathic Industry S. NO. Lucknow-l. 38 M/s R.S. Bhargava Pharmacy, P.O. Bhargava Pharmacy, 5. Delhi Regional Research Unit (H), Homeopathic treatment Centre 6. Gujarat Clinical Research Unit (H), Clinical Research Unit (T)

LETTER TO THE EDITOR THE JOURNAL OF ALTERNATIVE AND COMPLEMENTARY MEDICINE Volume 9, proven treatment methods (Schraub, 2000). The Cancer Society is popular in Lucknow. Muthu Marunthu,

Institute, Rana Pratap Marg, Post Box No: 436, Lucknow, India-226 001, India 26 Herbal Medicine for Market Potential in India: An Overview the treatment of certain diseases where conventional therapies and medicines have proven to be inadequate;

F:\CGHS 2005 \Brief Summary of CGHS\Address of CGHS Delhi & Outside combined 1.doc Page 1 of 29 Central Government Health Scheme Central Zone

2 Defence Institute of Physiology and Allied Sciences, Lucknow Marg, Delhi, India Received 13 June and in revised form 3 September 2001 / Published online: 7 December 2001 topical homeopathic treatment on a patient with frost-bite.

Research outcome from completed projects at SHIATS, Allahabad Principal Investigator Title of Project Lucknow. 2001 2003 Reported a new pathogen for guava wilt homeopathic treatment at Allahabad agro-climatic conditions Prof. S. B.

LUCKNOW, INDIA E-mail: scs_itrc@rediffmail.com ABSTRACT Present paper reports a case of fungal prostatitis which has perfectly been cured with homoeopathic drugs. treatment of homeopathic medicines in general 2,3,4 and antifungal in specific5.

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Andrographis paniculata – A multicentric, randomized, double-blind homoeopathic pathogenetic trial Rajpal*1, be a safe and efficacious treatment for the relief of cultivated in gardens from Lucknow to Assam, especially in Bengal. 3 Part used in Homoeopathy

Best Ayurvedic Vitiligo Treatment in Delhi This is very scary for the patient as disease starts spreading when we start homeopathic treatment. Dr. Dhawan had also attended second world Ayurveda Conference Pune and conference on Nano Biotechnology in Lucknow sponsored by National

Review Article ijrap.net Lucknow Uttar Pradesh, India 226016 E-mail: anandkmr901@gmail.com DOI: 10.7897/2277-4343.05381 ABSTRACT effects affiliated with medical treatment. Homeopathic practitioners look at patients,

©Triveni Enterprises, Lucknow (India) For personal use only Aspergillus niger as a new allergic agent associated with bindis and its efficacy against homeopathic drugs J.N. Shrivastava, Ajay Kumar and V. P. Bhatnagar

And their comparative chemo profiling with homeopathic drugs# K R Arya 1*, system of medicine for treatment of bowel complaints, cough, worms, dysentery , colic, bronchitis, asthma, and surrounding areas of Lucknow (Uttar Pradesh), and Nainital (Uttarakhand),

LETTER TO THE EDITOR THE JOURNAL OF ALTERNATIVE AND COMPLEMENTARY MEDICINE Volume 9, proven treatment methods (Schraub, 2000). The Cancer Society is popular in Lucknow. Muthu Marunthu,

TABLE 2 Effect of pre-, post. and pre-and post-inoculation treatment of homeopathic drugs on virus inhibition Time of Name of the drug inoculation