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By | May 14, 2014

85-95% of adults have vermin in them but don’t know it. You may be one of the unlucky ones.

Candidiasis is the most common type of yeast infection and is caused by a type of fungus called Candida. This organism commonly penetrates and affects areas of the body such as the mouth, around dentures, under the breasts, the vagina, groin area, nail beds, and beneath other skin folds. Vaginal yeast infection is the most common type of yeast infection and is caused by a fungus known as Candida albicans. In normal circumstances this fungus is present on the skin and inside the vagina of almost all healthy women. The acidic environment in the vagina helps check the growth of this fungus. It is when the acidic level drops down due a variety of factors ranging from menstruation, intake of antibiotics, steroids, and diabetes, that the fungus start multiplying and cause a vaginal infection.

Home cures for bacterial vaginosis can be an excellent way of treating this condition and, when used correctly, are a far better option than antibiotics. To understand why, you need to know a little about the very nature of BV.

The most common is the rhino virus, which is highly contagious. Touching your eyes, Runny noses, sneezing, sore or itch throats, coughs, watery eyes, mild fatigue, low-grade fevers are all symptoms of the common cold. Many of these discomforts are Home Remedies for Colds

Symptoms Home Remedies Non-Prescription Generic Name Common Brand Names Stuffy Nose Runny Nose Cough (dry-hacking) Cough (moist) Sore Throat Fever/ Muscle Aches Watery Eyes/ Sneezing Earache • steam inhalation • saline nose drops • for red, raw nose, dab on petroleum jelly or salve, or use

Greenish mucus), headache, sneezing, watery eyes, sore throat and cough. The flu can also include fever, achiness and fatigue. People with colds are usually mildly ill for a week. Home remedies such as chicken soup and teas (without caffeine) are fine.

Dry or Watery Eyes Crossed Eyes High Blood Pressure Glaucoma Kidney Disease Macular Degeneration and/or home remedies): YES NO If yes, please list:

Home Remedies Over-the-Counter Active Ingredient Common Brand Names* (Read the label for a child’s dose) (Also look for generic or store brands) Self Watery Eyes/ Sneezing Earache 3 Consult your physician if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.

Home Remedies Home Remedies:Layout 1 2/23/10 12:53 PM Page 1. It would be like a big watery blister until it broke, then it would be really sore. He opened the baby’s mouth, pulled up his tongue, and I seen him going.

Traditional Home Remedies Of Guyana gums and sore mouth by applying arrowroot directly to the affected area. Babies cut teeth on It is an effective treatment for diarrhea and vomiting where the discharge is watery, not pasty.

White spots can appear in the mouth, on the inside of the cheeks. Rash usually does not itch. * Immunization for prevention very important. Rubella Disease is spread by droplets in the air and by contact with the watery blisters. Scarlet Fever.

Do not use home remedies for constipation or diarrhea. Urination Dry mouth Sunken eyes Sunken soft Listlessness (decreased activity) Possibly no tears If baby has two green, watery stools in 24 hours that may be accompanied by vomiting. If baby

Diarrhea is the passage of watery stools. there are many different home remedies dry mouth, weight loss, extreme thirst, listlessness, and sunken eyes. • Keep your pediatrician informed if there is an y signi´Čücant change in ho w your child is behaving.