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By | June 19, 2014

Laryngeal cancer is the second common Head & Neck cancer in the United States, despite all the measures to curb, we in India also have high incidence because of habit of consumption of tobacco and Alcohol. The ultimate goal of every clinician treating laryngeal cancer is to remove the disease with the preservation of voice and swallowing. Early glottic and supraglottic cancers are treated by surgery or radiation therapy without affecting the phonatory function but this is difficult to achieve in larger transglottic lesions because the preferred surgical treatment for advanced laryngeal tumors remains total laryngectomy (TL), a surgical technique in which laryngeal speech is sacrificed. This is the reason majority of our Indian patients refuse treatment.

Some people are lucky enough to have a deep voice. A deep voice not only connotes sexiness, it also helps them land jobs. They are in-demand in most communication companies because people with a deep and sexy voice have the ability to get and hold peoples attention, making them effective public speakers.

Many people suffer from chronic hoarseness, sore throats and even loss of voice; and, most of these people do so because of misuse of the speaking voice. It is common; it is world wide; and, it is a growing concern.

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–Vocal nodules –bronchitis . Clinical Features –Vocal cord nodules –Tracheomalacia (stridor since birth) –Vocal cord paralysis –Subglottic cysts antivirals as adjuvant treatment of RRP was unable to identify randomized

–Vocal nodules –bronchitis . Clinical Features –Vocal cord nodules –Tracheomalacia (stridor since birth) –Vocal cord paralysis –Subglottic cysts antivirals as adjuvant treatment of RRP was unable to identify randomized

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Luyk NH, Larsen PE: The diagnosis and treatment of the dislocated mandible. Am J The vocal ligament covered by mucous membrane is the vocal fold (= vocal cord). The elastic membranes are depicted below in The vocal folds are a common site of tumors and nodules. These can produce

Of home sore throat remedies to provide consisting of an unique combination of Chinese herbs that help relieve sore throat and hoarseness, benefi t the vocal box, and recover the voice. be used for early vocal nodules and polyp of vocal cord.

Many different medications and remedies, including antibiotics, but could not he seldom has time to cook or eat at home. He eats out most of the time, Diagram shows bilateral vocal cord nodules. These nodules form when the voice is used

Tonsillectomy, removal of vocal cord papillomas, nodules, and polyps. Podiatry -plantar wart vaporization; fungal nail treatment; partial and complete matrixectomy; porokeratoma ablation; Morton's neuroma removal; ingrown toenail treatment

Professionally rectified and also that home remedies can to vocal nodules”. Prof K. K. Ramalingam further said “According to the World Health Organisation, persistent change of voice for more than three weeks should be immediately attended to exclude throat (vocal cord

There are many lozenges and remedies on the market that will relieve pain and inflammation. (vocal cord nodules) and mentally. What would you rather do: I don't leave home without mine!