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By | December 7, 2013
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With over 3,000 remedies to choose from, the homeopath must determine the indicated remedy (when she used to stay home and lie periods may be painful and irregular with sharp, clutching pains and prolapse of uterus and vagina with bearing down of contents of pelvis (crosses legs

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Remedies For Labour
Remedies for Labour 1. Aconite 200c Fast, violent labour prolapse. Retained placenta with bearing down pains. 13. Kali Phos 6x (Tissue Salt) – Simple tonify the uterus. However, DO NOT USE either of these oils before labour

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Nevus (or naevus, plural nevi or naevi, from nævus, Latin for "birthmark") is the medical term for sharply circumscribed and chronic lesions of the skin.

10 Things To Know About Uterine Fibroid Tumors
Subserosal or Subserous fibroids grow on the outer wall of the uterus and usually cause no symptoms until they grow large enough to interfere with other organs.

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An ectopic pregnancy is one that starts outside the uterus, usually in one of the fallopian tubes. Pain caused by an ectopic pregnancy usually starts on one side of the abdomen soon after a missed period, and may include spotting or vaginal bleeding.

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Homeopathy Medicine For Total Uterine And Vaginal Prolapse In …
She has no relief and the prolapsed uterus comes out about 4 inches out of the vagina, she constanly has to hold it by her hand. After this I also gave her Lilium tigrinum 30 potency 3 dose daily for 3 days. home remedies for vaginal prolapse?

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NMP22 is also available as a prescription home test. uterus and parts of the vagina. In order to address the problem of micrometastatic disease which in itself has implications on longtime survival, new treatment options are dearly needed.

Vaginal Itching Without Discharge Or Odor
But the itching did not start till about 3 weeks later..I went onine and one of the home remedies said that drinking curds everyday help. I tried that for a week. Problem still persists. Vaseline provides temp. relief..Any other solutions???