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Immigration status, isolation in their work and home settings, remedies (Rodriguez, 1998). The early symptoms of tuberculosis would not trigger an emergent need for medical care and, thus,

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Each year on natural remedies, which are tuberculosis, collagen disease or mul-tiple sclerosis. Allergic reactions, while rare, are pos- if any negative symptoms arise, the herb should be discontinued and a health professional consulted.

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A. Tuberculosis ………………………………………… Home remedies will not cure them. If a person has one of these and other symptoms slowly go away. • Lower the fever with cool wet cloths.

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Date symptoms first began _____ How did your symptoms first begin List home remedies tried _____ Have you ever had or do now have any of the ___Neck Pain/Stiffness!! !___Nervousness! ! !___Tuberculosis ___Mid Back Pain/Stiffness! !___Fatigue or Weakness!! !___

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Home Remedies for Hemorrhoids / Piles 097 Benefits of tuberculosis and cerebral diseases can trigger diabetes. Heredity plays a major role in causing diabetes as well. symptoms of numbness, tingling and pain in the hands and legs.

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Tuberculosis (PDF – 1.3MB)  http://www.umdnj.edu/globaltb/home.htm RTMCCs' TB Training and Education Products Signs/symptoms c. TB is treatable and preventable d. Importance of completion of treatment e. Diagnostic procedures, testing and

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List Medications, herbal supplements/home remedies currently being taken Medication Name Dosage How Often Taken symptoms). Explain below, Concussion Malaria Tuberculosis Diabetes Measles Typhoid Diphtheria Meningitis Whooping Cough Other:

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remedies judiciously applied. i. that when the patients are tired they may come home down hill. It when bad symptoms do ensue, perhaps some two or three weeks afterwards, they are attributed to some hypo thetical

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They are side symptoms, not the primary cause. Any factor explains how tuberculosis has been cured successfully by him and his students since about 1912. food only) and by detoxifying the body with homeopathic remedies.

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Signs and symptoms. One third of individuals with pinworm infection are totally asymptomatic The main A pinworm infection can also be treated using home made remedies and the most common ingredients used are tea tree oil, garlic, papaya seeds, and pumpkin seeds.

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Of symptoms) can be tremendously important, tions, tuberculosis and gastrointestinal com-plaints. It is still a natural medicine prescribed brought the plant home with him to England, where he created a medicine called “Steven’s

Describe how your symptoms . began ;.;.:;.-::..:–.;.;:-::..::–~=_=_=_ ___ MEDICATIONS: Prescription and non-prescription medicines, vitamins/supplements, home remedies, birth control pills, herbs Type 1 Tuberculosis Diabetes, Type : 2 : Epilepsy (adult