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Root Canal – What Is A Root CanalAbout.com Dental Care
The space inside the tooth from the center, known as the pulp chamber, that travels down the length of the root to the tip (or apex) is called a "canal," or more specifically, a root canal.

What home remedies Can Help With An Abscessed tooth? I Am In …
What home remedies can help with an abscessed tooth? I am in alot of pain You need antibiotics then that tooth needs to be root canal or extracted. you have the option of getting root canal therapy to clean out the infection, then putting a crown on it.

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Everything you need to know when dealing with a dental emergency involving a cracked or broken tooth.

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Coeliac disease (spelled celiac disease in North America and often celiac sprue) is an autoimmune disorder of the small intestine that occurs in genetically predisposed people of all ages from middle infancy onward. Symptoms include pain and discomfort in the digestive tract, chronic

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This is a relatively new topic of study and more research needs to be done in the area. Drugs . Physicians use a variety of drugs nerve root, plexus. Cranial nerve ulnar nerve (Ulnar nerve entrapment, Froment's sign, Guyon's canal syndrome, Ulnar claw) radial nerve (Radial neuropathy

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Primovlar 50 ED tablets by Schering/German Remedies Ltd., one of a selection of drugs and related material from India, 1975-1980. Foil blister with account of author's life by Everard Home, London, 1794. Printed book entitled "The Works of John Hunter F.R.S.. Plates", with notes, edited by

Abscessed Tooth – Pain Relief For An Abscessed Tooth
How to Achieve Pain Relief for an Abscessed Tooth Toothache Remedies. By Shawn Watson. Updated May 07, 2010. Reviewed by a board-certified health professional.