Home Remedies To Lower Blood Sugar

By | April 2, 2014

Dawn phenomenon is the phenomenon which causes a rapid rise or fall in body blood sugar during early morning hours. Dawn phenomenon of diabetes is a common experience seen among diabetics as a result of insulin resisting hormones induced at night time. Let’s go deep into the cause of this dawn phenomenon or liver dump effect. Researchers found that the cause of rise and fall in blood glucose level during early morning hours is mainly due to the release of insulin resisting hormones from liver.

Sugar is the primary culprit in the development of hypoglycemia and diabetes. While sugar does provide a temporary boost of energy, eating it too frequently puts tremendous stress on the organs and glands that regulate blood-sugar levels.If you don’t have hypoglycemia or diabetes or if you rarely indulge in sugar, your pancreas can handle occasional sugary treats. But if you frequently eat sugar, your pancreas can become hypersensitive to sugar and overreact, flooding your body with insulin, which causes blood-sugar levels to plummet. This triggers your adrenal glands into action, and they notify your liver to release the glucose that it has stored as emergency fuel, which once again floods your bloodstream with sugar. If this happens too many times, your pancreas can finally give up and stop producing insulin or your cells may become resistant to insulin, and hypoglycemia can slip into diabetes.

Diabetic patients should realize that they have a complex disorder, which continues throughout life. During pregnancy, diabetes can be serious and diabetic babies always weigh more than normal.

A high intake of sugar reduces the white blood cells ability to engulf and destroy foreign agents. It’s thought that a high intake of sugar and increased insulin levels compete with Vitamin C for membrane Increase the intake of fluids in the form of home made soup

Apple cider vinegar might lower blood sugar levels in people with diabetes. See our Yeast Infection Home Remedies page for more details on how soaking in a bath mixed with a few cups of ACV can be used to treat this infection.

There are also restaurants that offer foods lower in cholesterol, fat The following are some recommendations of home remedies that form of snacks the blood sugar levels are like to be high as the

However, when levels of triglyceride in the blood become too high, It doesn't take long to lower triglycerides by eating the right foods. Be careful not to substitute foods high in sugar for these high fat foods. 8)

Result blood sugar levels rise to a dangerous level. You can also do ‘home tests’ (although they may be less accurate than a lower your blood sugar level without medication (e.g. by losing weight and/or exercising more).

Click here to email this article Herbs that Lower Blood Sugar- J Klemens 4 Glucomannan (Konnyaku root): A member of the yam family, this herb is high in fiber and can help normalize blood sugar, relieve stress on the pancreas.

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Natural Remedies for Diabetes 2!! Use your home testing device to both “help this trial be safe” insulin function and lower blood sugar levels. Judging from these studies, it is plausible that many Americans are not getting enough

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