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By | December 21, 2013
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Dry Nose – What Should I Do About My Dry Nose
Oxygen can sometimes cause dry nose. Learn more about what to do if you have a dry nose.

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What Causes A Throat Tickle? (with Pictures)
Some home remedies for a throat tickle are quite unique. According to one folk remedy, a good way to deal with a tickling throat is to chew on whole cloves. Other people say that eating a piece of very well-toasted bread without butter or jam is guaranteed to bring relief.

Post-nasal Drip – Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
Rigid burning sensation at back of the throat; Broken or cracking voice; Mucus feeling in the back of the throat; Difficulty in breathing; Congestion in the nasal and sinus passages; Chronic sore throat;

Home Remedies Tickly Throat

Does Anyone Have Any Good tickly Cough remedies?
A cough is the body's response to inflammation or irritation in the throat, larynx, bronchial tubes or lungs.Some coughs are dry, while others are considered productive.Here are a few simple home remedies that will help to overcome cough.

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Causes Of Itchy Nose – About.com Cold & Flu
There are a few conditions that may cause an itchy nose. They include: The common cold; Allergies or hay fever. If you have an itchy nose but do not believe a cold or allergies are the cause, you should consult your healthcare provider.

Home Remedies Tickly Throat

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Cough – Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
Coughing may be caused by air pollution including tobacco smoke, particulate matter, irritant gases, and dampness in a home. although it should be distinguished from throat-clearing in this disorder. Given its irritant nature to mammal tissues,

Laryngitis – Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
Dry, sore, burning throat; Coughing, both a causing factor and symptom of laryngitis; Dysphagia (difficulty in swallowing) Sensation of swelling in the area of the larynx; Cold or flu-like symptoms (which, like a cough, may also be the causal factor for laryngitis)