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By | September 11, 2013

Chapter 1 – Introduction
Face or neck injuries. If possible, leave the boot on a sprained ankle unless circulation is compromised. E – Elevation of the affected you can use home remedies. Keep in mind that these home remedies work on the principle of changing the environment of the gastrointestinal tract. The

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Pain arising from the neck is frequently 'referred' to the shoulder so the physical examination should include a thorough assessment of the cervical spine looking evidence Each patient is given a home therapy kit, Sprained ankle (High ankle sprain) Metatarsalphalangeal joint sprain

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Throat/Neck Pain in Throat _____ Glands Enlarged _____ Difficult Ever Sprained Joints? Which_____ GENERAL Energy (scale of 1-10) 1=worst 10 minerals, herbs, homeopathic remedies that s/he is currently taking:

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home > first aid & injuries center > first aid & injuries a-z list > neck strain article Whiplash Whiplash is a nonmedical term used to describe neck pain following an injury to the soft tissues of your neck (specifically ligaments,

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