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By | September 2, 2013

Cold Urticaria – Hives In The Cold – About.com Allergies
Cold urticaria is a form of chronic hives caused by exposure to cold environments, cold food and drinks, and contact with cold water. People may experience severe allergic reactions or anaphyalxis in some instances. Find out more about cold urticaria, what causes it, and the

remedies for those sensitive and flighty souls for whom earthly existence feels too harsh, and who She prefers to stay at her boyfriend’s place than at home, because at home, her father is the whole condition of cough, fever, and enlarged tonsils with throat pain resolved

Encephalitis – Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
Hereditary spastic paraplegia; LMN only: Distal hereditary motor neuropathies; Spinal muscular atrophies. SMA; SMAX1; SMAX2; DSMA1; Congenital DSMA; SMA-PCH; SMA-LED; SMA-PME; Progressive muscular atrophy; Progressive bulbar palsy. Fazio–Londe; Infantile progressive bulbar palsy;

Poliomyelitis – Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
It is characterized by confusion, changes in mental status, headaches, fever, and, less commonly, seizures and spastic paralysis. Cause. Main article: Poliovirus. A TEM micrograph of poliovirus. Poliomyelitis is caused by infection with a member of the genus Enterovirus known as poliovirus (PV).

Reactive Airway Disease – Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
Reactive airway disease is a general term for conditions involving wheezing and allergic reactions. The term sometimes is misused as a synonym for asthma. Current medical use describes an asthma-like syndrome in infants that may later be confirmed to be asthmatics when they become old enough to

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TOXIC PAEDIATRIC HOME REMEDIES IN BOTSWANA: POISIONING THE FUTURE? FW Chinhoyi 113. FUNGAL SEPSIS IN A NEONATAL UNIT: RISK FACTORS, LABORATORY with cerebral palsy that a clear history of intrapartum hypoxia was present in 2/3 of term infants who developed spastic quadriplegia.

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3 homemade cough remedies When you feel a sore throat coming on, raid your pantry instead of your medicine cabinet to prepare affordable all-natural cough remedies that really work

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28 patients of the Palliative Home Care Service (home & inpatient) Canada. Pain, vomiting, respiratory problems, bedsores, seizures. St-Laurent-Gagnon 1998 [18] The reports of excess secretions and cough increased in the last week of life [27].