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Dukoral, an oral vaccine against Vibrio cholerae, has demonstrated up to 43% protective efficacy against TD when one dose is given a few weeks before travel and a second a week before travel, either at home or abroad.

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Puppy up to 1. Adult 1-6 years. Mature Adult 7+ Senior 11+ years. HomeCat Care • Cat Diseases • Gastrointestinal Disorders . Cat Care; Kitten; Adult; Mature Adult; Senior Gastrointestinal Disorders in Cats. Related Image Content. Hemorrhagic Gastritis With Ulcers ; Normal

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My kitten is realy ill i dont no what is up with it. last night it was being sick and its got weaker n weaker n its back legs are wobbly. i told my dad we might have to take it to and was not eating and throwing up, Is there any home remedies I could use? PLEASE HELP

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Best Answer: Your cat needs to see a Vet immediately! There are no home remedies for the symptoms you describe. It sounds as if it has little time left unless you seek professional help. In the mean time, I would attempt to (gently) force some fluids into her with a dropper of some

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