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The Healing Power Of Home Remedies
Here's an eclectic mix of home remedies that doctors from around the world (2 cups) water and a pinch of salt. She brings the mixture to a boil and simmers for five minutes (2-1/2 cups) of boiling water, simmer for 20 minutes, then strain off the leaves. Drink or gargle with

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I have to say that I think the Aphthous ulcer article has way too much info about unverified home remedies. – Dozenist try Weleda 'Medicinal gargle. 9 drops in very small amount of water 5mm in botton of narrow glass and neat as a TREATMENT SECTION: Rubbing Salt or Garlic, a

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Most home remedies were well known by the early pioneers. Warm goose grease alone, or salt in water to gargle a sore throat; senna tea for a laxative and >ippecaka= or suphur and molasses for a spring tonic. Above all she was always

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Symptoms Home Remedies Non-Prescription Medicines Generic Medication Name (Active Ingredients) Common Brand Names Gargle (warm salt water) Don’t smoke Suck on hard candy Throat lozenges Menthol Benzocaine Cepacol Spec T Cepastat Fever/Muscle Aches

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While even home remedies cannot “cure” a cold, it can lessen the duration of the warm water with a small amount of table salt (about half a cup of water to a quarter Using it as a gargle with warm water can kill the

Sore Throats
Following remedies:  Increase your liquid intake.  Warm tea with honey is a favorite home remedy.  Use a steamer or humidifier in your bedroom.  Gargle with warm salt water several times daily: ¼ tsp. salt to ½ cup water.  Take

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Home remedies can help ease your symptoms For general relief • Get extra rest. • Drink lots of fluids. • Gargle frequently with warm salt water. Mix 1 teaspoon of salt in 1 cup of warm water. • Drink extra fluids. • Take acetaminophen (Tylenol) or

8 HOME REMEDIES THAT REALLY WORK: Part 3 6. Bite a Pencil to Cure a Headache While doctors aren't sure why we do it, clenching our teeth is a com- Gargle Salt Water for a Sore Throat When you were a kid and had a sore throat, your mom likely made you gar-

Cold Remedies & Checklist
Use home remedies if: You have had symptoms for less than 2 weeks Nasal discharge is clear or white † Gargle 4-6 times a day with salt water † Suck on hard candy or throat lozenges (ages 12 & up) – Use caution if you have diabetes

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The following medications and home remedies have no known harmful effects during pregnancy when taken ac- Warm salt/water gargle Chlorpheniramine – Chlor-Trimeton, Triaminic Loratadine – Alavert, Claritin, Tavist ND, Triaminic Allerchews

TRADITIONAL REMEDIES Honey and lemon are the traditional soothers for sore throats, and nothing can beat a home made drink of warm lemon and honey. Gargle with a teaspoon of vinegar in a glass of warm water. Gargle with warm salt water three times a day.