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Home remedies Santra ka Mantra. Health Byte Health at Home Subscription: Tel.: 022-67676767 Prevent cutting of trees. Request for an e-newsletter Prickly Heat/ Heat Rash: Rub (don’t just sprinkle, rub!) in a good prickly heat powder.

1 Summer Sunstroke, fever, prickly- heat, boil, headache, etc Folk medicine 2 Rainy Cholera, influenza, dysentry, diarrhoea, dspepsia 4. Folk Medicine (Home Remedies): This is a very important from of treating the diseases not only among the tribal people of

(Prickly heat) Often appears in moist skin folds of legs, arms, & neck; also at waistline and on buttocks Bands or reddened areas or patches of reddened areas. Heat rash is a result of hot, humid weather conditions and the skin contact with itself,

The children tend to experience a prickly heat which is aggravated by exercise and warmth. Children with fevers higher than 103.5 degrees (orally) that do not respond to these remedies or general home care within six hours should obtain medical care.

Acidity, gas, indigestion, prickly heat and nasal congestion Moderate High Sprains, burns, cracked heels, oral ulcer Low High Abdominal pain, toothache Moderate Moderate HOME REMEDIES: We found that quite a number of respondents were

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Sandpapery, rough feel to the rash. Face can be flushed (red) with white ring around the mouth; tongue can swell and become coated with a “strawberry” appearance. Treatment with antibiotics *Heat Rash* (Prickly heat) Often appears in moist skin folds of legs, arms,

4. Miliaria (prickly heat) 5. Lichen planus b. Vesiculobullous diseases 1. Impetigo 2. Herpes simplex 3. Herpes zoster 4. Varicella 5. Pemphigoid 6. Pemphigus 7. Dyshidrosis 8. Erythema multiforme 9. Dermatitis herpetiformis 10. Epidermal necrolysis 11

Remain still or lie face down on the ground. The face is the most "pins and needles," you're probably suffering from prickly heat, or heat rash. (Poison ivy is Remedies: Spend a day or two in AC, wear loose clothes, wash with mild soap, soothe with lotion, and use absorbent powders

So Prevention asked 14 health professionals what home remedies they use for themselves and burns, I look horrible!" Skin irritations, blemishes & boo-boos Itchy rashes can be caused by plant oils, perfumes, or prickly heat, to name just a few face with coarse salt (an