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By | July 5, 2014


Gastritis is a health problem that occurs when the white cells of the blood move in the stomach wall. Gastritis refers to infection, mild irritation and the inflammation of the stomach lining. People that confront with iron deficiency are more prone to suffer from gastritis. Our stomach has a J shape and it has the role to collect the liquid and the food consumed and to break them down in little pieces for digestion. Every disorder that takes place in the stomach lining has bad influences upon digestion and leads to physical disorders. If gastritis is not properly treated it can lead to ulcer.

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Poor digestion Emotional reactions Financial problems works much like an air conditioning system in your home, where the thermostat imbalance, inflammation and pain, decreased range of motion, weight gain, loss of the will to participate in life—these are just a few of

DISCUSSION Weight gain is an index of good growth and development, which depends upon the digestion, utilisation and assimilation of the nutrients provided in the diet.

Healthy weight. This can result in weight gain and obesity for a pet, which in turn, Natural Remedies SlenderPet: Promotes healthy metabolism and efficient digestion for a healthy, normal body weight

Weight gain or weight loss may be sudden or unpredictable. early life at home. In the middle age weight increases but should be slight and premature ageing, low sex drive, poor sexual performance, unpleasant body odor, excessive sweating,

Birth, low birth weight. Women with weight gain of at least 15-16 – Avoid scented self-care / home-care products – fragrances can trigger nausea prenatal vitamins (nausea / disrupted digestion / constipa-tion)

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Irritability, difficulty sleeping, poor digestion, dry skin, poor eyesight, depression and much more. Grease Balls and Sludge. In the daily routine of eating seemingly “healthy” commercial foods — but which typically

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POOR DIGESTION This is the number one cause of gas in dogs (and in people too!). as a few hours with the help of home remedies, or a few weeks or months if a change in diet is required, until a suitable food is found.