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By | April 18, 2014

Minimizing the build-up of plaque, strength-ening teeth against caries, removing staining Is Toothpaste Necessary for Plaque Removal? As dental professionals, we tend to focus on plaque removal as the most important provide patient education on bioļ¬ lm plaque control and home care

Acne is a skin condition which is common in teens and also occurs in a few of the adult population. Acne problem is not restricted to the face area alone. It could transpire on any part of the body. Acne on the back is often referred to as bacne. Bacne is brought on in exactly the same way as face acne; sebaceous glands under the skin produce too much oil and this gets mixed with dead skin cells plugs the skin pores, resulting in acne infections. Home cures for acne are popular and most of them involve some simple household ingredients.

Tooth whitening is a procedure of giving brightness to the tooth by bleaching, polishing or removing the discolorations using dental whitening procedure. There are several products and solutions available in the market for tooth whitening but the products never provide a permanent and effective solution. These products may have some side effects or the whitening may not stay for a longer time. So if you are hiding your smile due to any such problem, then you must go for the tooth whitening or bleaching. This procedure is not too costly and also if you try tooth whitening treatment in India then it would be a much better option as you will be able to save a lot of money and also visit this beautiful country.

*vs a manual toothbrush after 4 weeks of use. With 5x better plaque removal *, it’s the ultimate clean. 31,000 brush strokes per minute. Whiter teeth in 1 week.

Photographs of plaque distribution of the labial surfaces of anterior teeth were taken. RESULTS: The experimental part showed that all three cleaning periods, toothbrushing on plaque removal and gingival health. Oral Health Prev Dent 2003; 1:301-307. 24.

plaque removal advantage could be seen to increase hyperbolically with decreasing plaque removal by the non-baking soda tooth- fluoride might detach plaque from teeth by just such a process.23 They proposed that fluoride sequesters calcium, thereby breaking bonds mediated by calcium.

Orthodontic appliances, specifically brackets bonded to teeth, can accumulate plaque, Currently, plaque removal in the orthodontic office is limited to tooth-brushing after wire removal. A prospective randomized clinical trial was conducted to compare the

removal of bacterial plaque from the teeth and from between the teeth every day. Patients need information and instruction about tooth brushing, flossing and interdental brushing for optimal self-care of the teeth and gums. Teeth should be

remedies in patients with increased pocket depths. by a demonstration of plaque removal from the patients' teeth by the therapist and by patients, using a disclosing for home use may reach as far as 50% or even more of the

Unable to reach back teeth due to limited jaw opening. Lives in fluoridated community. tobacco use, heavy plaque from poor home care, and a soft food diet) were discussed. Mr. J’s current manual brushing technique required demonstrated effective plaque removal with this aid. A 45

• C.E.T.® Oral Hygiene Spray with plaque removal and that clean the teeth. Fluoride-containing• C.E.T.® Oral Hygiene Spray home remedies Antiulcer drugs • Systemic antacids: sodium bicarbonate, calcium bicarbonate

There are a number of traditional herbal remedies for the treatment and management of diseases related to teeth, Hence mechanical plaque removal along with the use of antimicrobial agents prove to be valuable aid in controlling microbial The Indian home remedy. In: Current Medical

Away the enamel on your teeth and cause a hole, which is known as a cavity. Unlike some other • Placement of amalgam requires removal of some healthy tooth; • In rare cases, a localized, plaque can build up increasing the risk of gum (periodontal) disease;