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By | September 13, 2013

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Are known as peptic ulcers. Learn about the symptoms, causes, diagnosis, treatment, and complications involved with peptic ulcers. over-the-counter remedies, and alternative home / herbal remedies. Daily Life Tips and stategies for living with digestive disorders such as GERD, hiatal

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Doctors prescribe Proton Pump Inhibitors to treat people with GERD, ulcers of the stomach or intestine, or other digestive disorders that may cause excess stomach acid. Learn more about what they are, how they, work, and what they are used for.

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Used worldwide in natural beverages and traditional remedies, peptic ulcers, immune system enhancement, diabetes, and asthma. While research scientists have published more than 1,000 papers about aloe vera, they still do not know all the details

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Home Remedies for Peptic Ulcer. A peptic ulcer is an area of erosion in the mucous membranes of the stomach or duodenum, the upper portion of the intestine, directly below the stomach.

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Vagotomy (cutting of the vagus nerve) is a now-obsolete therapy that was performed for peptic ulcer disease. Vagotomy is currently being researched as a less invasive alternative weight-loss procedure to gastric bypass surgery

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Read about home remedies for peptic ulcers and peptic ulcers treatments. Also read how to cure peptic ulcers naturally with proven home remedies.

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Symptoms of Peptic Ulcers. Peptic ulcer symptoms can run the gamut from mild discomfort to acute abdominal pain. Most bouts of pain occur a few hours after eating, or during the middle of the night when sleeping.

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8/04 Herbal Therapies: The Facts And The Fiction
Herbal remedies continued to be used in the home, their manu- acne, burns, minor wounds, colitis, and peptic ulcers. It is also sold as a laxative, a digestive aid, a blood and lymphatic circula-tion aid, and a liver and gall bladder function aid.

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These include blood vessel rupture as a result of high blood pressure, aneurysms, esophageal varices or peptic ulcers Another common cause of internal bleeding is carcinoma (cancer), either of the gastro-intestinal tract, of the lung,