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By | October 13, 2013

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Orchitis: is an inflammatory condition that causes swelling of one or both testicles. Orchitis although painful rarely leads to sterility. Meningitis: is infection and inflammation of the membranes and fluid surrounding the brain and spinal cord.

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Severely ill patients may need hospitalization, while nontoxic patients can be treated at home with bed rest, analgesics, stool softeners, and hydration. Patients in urinary retention are best managed with a suprapubic catheter or intermittent catheterization. Orchitis · Hydrocele testis

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Studies show inappropriate drugs were prescribed for 1 out of 5 elderly patients and 60 percent of the patients went home compounds of which were considered until quite recently to be the best remedies Skin Eruptions Mumps virus Paramyxo Mumps, pacreatitis, orchitis Measles

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We look at the causes of rectal pain and provide a few home remedies. 06/26/03 – Orchitis "I've heard that mumps can lead to swelling of the testicles, is this true"?

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Treating viral orchitis If your doctor has determined that a bacterial infection isn't the cause of your orchitis, Lifestyle and home remedies Tests and diagnosis. Mayo Clinic products and services; Book: Mayo Clinic Family Health Book, 4th Edition;

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Coxsackievirus is a virus that belongs to a family of nonenveloped, linear, positive-sense ssRNA viruses, Picornaviridae and the genus Enterovirus, which also includes poliovirus and echovirus. Enteroviruses are among the most common and important human pathogens, and ordinarily its members are

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Orchitis is the medical term for swollen testicles. Learn more about the causes and treatment of orchitis here.

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Home Remedies for Epididymitis. WIthin your testicles are your epididymis. The epididymis is a coiled tube that is responsible for storing and carrying sperm. When you have an infection of the epididymis, this is known as epididymitis. Epididymitis is the result of a sexually transmitted disease

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Home remedies for orchitis has been found very effective in the treatment of this disorder that is marked by the swelling in one or both of the testicles.