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By | August 5, 2013

Ear – Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
The ear is the organ that detects sound. It not only receives sound, but also aids in balance and body position. The ear is part of the auditory system.

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Ear Infections And Aches – My Home Remedies
Home Remedy for Ear Infections and Aches WARNING: This home remedies site is intended to be archival in nature. The natural remedies here are submitted by numerous people from around the world, and we have no way to test or verify every remedy.

Can I Prevent Swimmers Ear? – ENT – Ear Nose And Throat …
Swimmer's ear is an outer ear infection that develops when contaminated water sits in the ear for a prolonged period of time. It's a common infection that can be prevented.

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Swimmer's ear Means Canal's Too Full Of Water
With an ordinary ear infection, otitis media, Home remedies based on vinegar can also be used to treat very mild cases of swimmer's ear, although if your child isn't feeling better within a few days you should check with your doctor to see if further

Throat Irritation – Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
It is inflammation of the voice box which can occur from overuse, irritation or an infection. Bacterial infections generally require antibiotics. Home remedies for throat irritation include gargling with warm water twice a day, sipping honey and lemon mixture or sucking on medicated lozenges.

Tinnitus – Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
External ear infection; acoustic shock; loud noise or music; cerumen impaction; middle ear effusion; superior canal dehiscence; sensorineural hearing loss. Clearing ear canal (in the case of earwax plug) Using a neurostimulator

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Over-the-Counter & Home Care Treatment For Viral Infections
Over-the-Counter & Home Care Treatment for Viral Infections Symptoms Home Remedies Over-the-Counter Generic Name & Brand Name Examples Fever, Aches • Cool compress Analgesics and Recent, usually abrupt, onset of signs and symptoms of middle-ear inflammation and effusion AND 2.