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By | August 5, 2014

Irregular periods may be common in most women and are mostly due to the hormonal changes in the body. Most of the women experience a 28 day menstrual cycle on an average. However many have a cycle from anywhere between 21 days to 35 days. The cycle depends on the hormones and can become irregular causing continuous bleeding, a missed period or occurrence of two periods within one cycle.

For particular women searching for home remedies getting pregnant is as straightforward as stopping birth control. Nevertheless, for different women, becoming pregnant is frequently incredibly problematical and annoying. You will discover just a small quantity of days in the course of the month where a woman can conceive and there are many elements which can have an impact on fertility and conception.

If you suspect you may have hardening of the arteries you are certainly not alone with over 40 million people being diagnosed with the condition and over twice that many silently walking around with some degree of arterial blockage.

Effective Home Remedies that Doctors Give Their Patients This issue: Breakthrough treatments for This causes numbness, pain and other unpleasant sensations. neuropathy and serum lipids in patients with type II diabetes mellitus.

And hands. Symptoms Carpal tunnel syndrome typically starts gradually with a vague aching in your wrist Lifestyle and home remedies wrists and hands. • If pain, numbness or weakness recurs and persists, see your doctor.

Any home remedies you have now or have experienced: Other Symptoms: O Headaches O Pain in Hands or Arms O Chest Pains. O Neck Pain O Numbness in Hands or Arms O Heart Chiropractic offers a genuine approach to

Any home remedies? _____ Please Circle where you are at: (No Complaint/Pain) 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 (Worst Possible Complaint/Pain) O Neck Pain O Numbness in Hands or Arms O Heart Attack O Eye Problems.

IF the burn is on the face, eyes, hands or feet. IF the burn causes extreme pain or numbness. DO NOT apply butter, first aid creams, sprays or home remedies.

Numbness_____ Previous medical treatment(s) or home remedies: Please list the athletic activities in which you are involved : Do you now wear or have you previously worn: Orthotics? Yes No Still in use? No Bunions Heel Pain Ingrown Nails Hammer toes

Here’s Doc Tim’s Legendary Collection of Simple Home Remedies . . . Arkansas Folk Medicine Volume #1 Henderson Chiropractic Center • Numbness and/or Swelling • Neck Tension The best home remedy I’ve found for shoulder pain and stiffness involves swinging a

Numbness or tingling in the arm or hand is a more serious symptom that is NOT appropriate for watchful waiting. Home Remedies section on our Internet site. If pain persists beyond a week, you should see a spine specialist to determine the

Natural Help for Multiple Sclerosis Herbal remedies for MS would typically include ingredients that would address symptoms which are most troublesome for the individual.

Tenderness DullPain Numbness How long ago did the problem (pain) start? Previous medical treatment(s) or home remedies : Tingling Aching Pain Describe 1 or 2 main problems in greater detail below and check the checkbox the areas where you have each problem using numbers 1 and 2 to identify them.