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Last full mouth X-ray(s) taken (panorex or 18 small films) ? nutritional supplements, or homeopathic remedies not listed above: ____ ____ Metallic taste ____ ____ Oral surgery ____ ____ Teeth extracted – how many?

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Tablets you will be able to go home and carry on taking them for two more • Loss of taste or a metallic taste in your mouth • Hair loss or thinning • Aching muscles (myalgia) other over the counter remedies – some drugs can react together.

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• Occupation and hobbies of home occupants. • Recent move to a residence contaminated with mercury by previous tenant. • Use of folk remedies. • Use of elemental mercury in diarrhea, fever, and a metallic taste in the mouth. Later, interstitial pneumonitis, necrotizing

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home remedies food, imported candy, water, toys, jewelry, decorative goods, hobbies, and Metallic taste in mouth . 9. Weakness in arms, legs, or wrists . 9. Skin paleness, especially of the face . 9. Loss of sex drive . 9. Stomachache . 8 . Lead’s Effects on Adults .

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Home health remedies, such as azarcon and greta, can contain lead. (CDC, Kids Metallic taste in mouth Muscle and joint weakness or pain Irritability or behavioral problems Pica (eating of non-nutritious things such as dirt and paint chips)

To stay home rather than risk delayed recovery or transmitting the infection number of herbal remedies into an effervescent drink) to try to protect themselves from getting but leaves a nasty metallic taste in your mouth. MRSA pustule on the hand. Photo courtesy of Contra Costa Health

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Some chemotherapy cause a metallic taste, and your This causes the mucosal lining of the mouth to slough off and then become red, inflamed, and ulcerated. mild cases can be treated with home remedies such as ice pops, water ice, or ice

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Tablets to take at home. If you continue to feel or be sick, metallic taste in your mouth. It can also Some cold remedies and painkillers contain aspirin and ibuprofen. Check with your pharmacist and tell them you are having treatment with methotrexate.

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The metallic taste and helps ward off mouth sores. Do it 3 or 4 times a day. 4. Brush your teeth more often. Film, and you come home with a booty of makeup! over the counter remedies can help too.

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Do not recommend using MSM if you have amalgam ("silver") dental fillings in your mouth. We also recommend This unit costs about $1000 and is considered the best home air purifier you can buy. Salty-metallic taste to the air Chemical taste to the air

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• A salty or metallic taste in the mouth 9 Keep your home care skills up to date. Your HTC will provide you with advice and new information during your regular clinic assessments. contain ASA, especially cold remedies and pain medicines.

• Some folk or home remedies, such as greta and azarcon (used to treat an upset • Metallic taste in mouth • Muscle and joint weakness or pain • Seizures These symptoms may also indicate a wide variety of other illnesses, so if your child has