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Please list all your prescription and non-prescription medicines, vitamins, home remedies, birth control pills, herbs, Retardation Mental Disorder Osteoporosis Seizures/ Epilepsy Strokes Substance Abuse Smoking Thyroid Disease High

To next care providers, (i.e., Home Health, Hospital, Primary Care Provider, etc.) and, • Appropriate arrangements for necessary services to meet (Mental retardation as defined at 42 CFR 483.45(a)): care and treatment of residents with a diagnosis of MI, ID and/or DD.

Mental Impairment: AAMR Definition zMental retardation refers to substantial limitations in present functioning. It is characterized by significantly subaverage

French, R. (1997 – 2004) APE FACT SHEET MENTAL RETARDATION DEFINITION: Public schools use the following definition of mental retardation which is contained in the

Mental Retardation: Definition, classification, and systems of supports (10th ed.). Washington, DC: American Association on Mental Retardation. Resources – Further Reading Snell, M. E. & Vorrhees, M. D. (2006). On being labeled with mental retardation.

Retardation" (WHO 1992), to the American Association for Mental Retardation guidelines "Mental Retardation, Definition Classification and Systems of Support" (AAMR 1992) both of which give details

5 III. DEFINITION OF MENTAL RETARDATION There is a broad consensus within the field of mental retardation as to the scope of the definition, and that consensus is reflected in the legislation in States passed prior to the Atkins

Lead exposure in children can cause learning disabilities, mental retardation, impaired visual and motor functioning, stunted growth, behavioral problems, Avoid using traditional home remedies and cosmetics that may contain lead;

Rights and remedies of persons in treatment. § 7114. Immunity from civil and criminal liability. Under the terms of the Mental Health and Mental Retardation Act of 1966 and the Mental Health Procedures Act, when a court orders treatment at a

home could not provide the specialized physical, emo- [the department of mental retardation], and behaviorist services through [the department of trative remedies prior to challenging the judgment of the trial court. In re Shawn S.,

Last amended and reauthorized 2000. Federal legislation for people with developmental disabilities began with the Mental Retardation Amendments of 1967

Prescription and non-prescription medicine, vitamins, home remedies, birth control pills, herbs: Medication Dosage (mg) Other inherited Genetic or chromosomal Disorder Mental Retardation/Autism Thalassemia Medication/Street Drugs/Alcohol