Home Remedies Melasma During Pregnancy

By | April 20, 2014

There is much confusion regarding what people mean when they say they have dark circles under the eyes, often referred to as the tired look. There are 4 different conditions which can cause dark skin under the eyelid which people call dark circles under the eyes:

Do you have dark upper lip skin or dark shadowy area on the upper part of your lips?They look very unattractive. These marks sometimes spread to other parts of the body. But these are most common on upper lip area, forehead and both sides of the cheek. This is really a harmless skin condition known as melasma. But these pigmentation marks cause a lot of stress as they are of much cosmetic concern. This skin condition is very common in middle aged women of darker skin. But men are also susceptible to this problem. But how to fade these pigmentation marks?

Getting black spots is one of the most common facial care concerns found on the womens forum. This usually occurs in the middle ages. It may be caused by post-inflammatory hyper-pigmentation. Black spots may result from skin infections such as acne, melasma and Riehl’s melanosis. Dark spots may appear after it undergoes these types of skin diseases.

Hyper-pigmentation/Melasma/Brown Spots/ Pregnancy Masking Please refer to the Under-Eye Discoloration course material download for the section on concealer.

Sex hormones, during pregnancy or intake of oral contraceptives act as a trigger. Other factors acting as a trigger having family history of Melasma usually get affected. Sunlight is a major factor. The ultraviolet radiation causes the generation

MELASMA Melasma is also referred as chloasma , and in colloquial language, it is often called “mask of Pregnancy”. It is a common skin disorder, observed in women. 10% of people who get

A number of other therapies have also been used to treat melasma, including azelaic acid, tretinoin, topi-cal steroids, kojic acid, and chemical

L’Oreal, Clichy, France) to use every 2 hours during the day, regardless of sun exposure.5 Five of the 185 women (2.7%) who completed the 12-month trial developed melasma during pregnancy. Notably, the same investigators reported a 53% prevalence of melasma with pregnancy in a similar

Melasma. The “mask of pregnancy” (formerly known as chloasma) occurs in over 50% of women. It is worsened by exposure to darkens during pregnancy, but normal color usually returns after delivery. In contrast, although the purplish color of

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Home remedies also play an important role in curing this problem. often during pregnancy, to acne or external wounds and unprotected sun exposure. Exposure to sun: Dark Melasma or Chloasma: Usually called 'the mask of

Do not stop during a cycle unless advised by your medical provider. IMPORTANT: come into the Health Center or check a home pregnancy test. Increased pigmentation or a “mask of pregnancy” (melasma) can develop, and darker

Chloasma or Melasma: dark pigmentation on cheekbones, home remedies such as warm bath, salt water gargle, eating chicken soup. Useful exercise during pregnancy: aerobics, calisthenics, relaxation techniques, and kegel exercises.