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Students hate to carry books and notebooks home. DAY 4 AND 5. What remedies to you suggest? Compare and contrast Kwashiorkor and Marasmus. 3. Discuss the number of children worldwide affected by malnutrition. 4.

HOME BASED CARE (HBC) Kwashiorkor Insufficient vitamin A – Night blindness Insufficient vitamin B1 – Beriberi insufficient B2 causes skin and colon lesions Herbal remedies Have not been subjected to formal clinical research

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Treatment: 1) home remedies; 2) faith-and-herb healer; 3) Western-type physician – usually in that order. Any so-called KWASHIORKOR (maladi kò anfle) The swollen belly, matchstick arms, reddish-tinged hair, and huge, staring eyes,

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Proposed the following remedies to the pending disaster. One of the first things he suggested was the one of which, kwashiorkor, is associated with starvation. The greatest mortality, however, was not from who had served as Home Secretary in Sir Robert Peel's late

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Collect up-to-date contact information, including directions to home, What folk remedies and traditional medicines have you taken in the last year? Kwashiorkor and marasmus are distinct conditions,

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Akuodi Kwashiorkor 8 Wichbar Headache 7 Kahera Tuberculosis 7 a Acquired immunodeficiency syndrome. step episodes remedies already in home Shop centre Hospital Initial 108a 1 1 30 51 16 2 Second 27 5 5 10 7-Third 7 3 1 2 1-Fourth 5 1-2-Fifth 3 – – – 3-

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Players about the use of home remedies if there were no danger signs e.g. lenyana, bemeretla, serolkola, lemon and honey. 5. kwashiorkor babies with distended stom-achs or children with hepatic problems) would then be hidden at home so that

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Kwashiorkor is due to deficiency of – a) Vitamin b) Vitamin E c) Fat d) Protein 4½ xHkkZoLFkk ea Write down the causes, symptoms and remedies of a Jaundice. 10- d<kbZ dk;Z djrs le; fdu ckrka dk /;ku j[kuk pkfg, \ 4 vFkok

Foster home Pflegeheim foster parents; foster family glycochenodeoxycholic acid; chenodeoxycholic acid: a bile acid; gallodesoxycholic acid Innervation, die Versorgung der einzelnen Teile des Organismus, seiner Organe und Gewebe mit Nerven innovation

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Stein edited his famous book "Diseases of children and their remedies", (marasmus or kwashiorkor). It was soon realized that the treatment had to be strictly rationa- often the sick children were taken home too early

NUTRITION: Composition of food, balanced diet, kwashiorkor, marasmus, nitrogen balance, major dietary constituent & they importance Home remedies, Paraffin wax bath. whirl pool, contrast bath. Hydro-collator hot packs / cold packs, Cry therapy.

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Causes Alcoholic liver disease Exposure to drugs & toxic metals Associated with Obesity Diabetes mellitus Marasmus & kwashiorkor Gastrointestinal bypass surgery Long-term TPN & C Excessive alcohol Exposure to certain drugs & toxic chemicals Some herbal remedies © 2007 Thomson

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Kwashiorkor; Eosinophilic gastroenteritis; Giardiasis; Strongyloidiasis; Coccidiosis; Capillaria philippinensis; Hookworm Disease; Whipple's disease; Ascites; In most cases, bloating can be handled with simple home remedies and changes in life style.

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Primarily due to increasing use of mechanized transportation and a greater prevalence of labor-saving technology in the home. In children, there appear to be declines in levels of physical activity due to less walking and physical education. World