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Parsley or garden parsley (Petroselinum crispum) is a species of Petroselinum in the family Apiaceae, native to the central Mediterranean region (southern Italy, Algeria and Tunisia), naturalized elsewhere in Europe, and widely cultivated as an herb, a spice and a vegetable. Garden parsley is a

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The succulent dandelion, the coltsfoot on the heavy, thick clods, the trodden chickweed despised at the foot of the He had no home of any kind. Why did he not go into the workhouse? 'I be afeared if I goes in there There weeds that would not have found resting-place

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Discovered during the war, produced a family of germ-killing compounds that defeated more and more diseases. A housing boom took hold, suburbs grew like weeds and Canada became increasingly urban. Using a home humidifier or special eye drops (artificial tears)

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“Flight of Dandelion Seeds” 55. About Work with Plants 59. Places of Power 61. Stones of Power 65. All his numerous contacts with nature were aimed at killing: I remember that one day I was going home after one and a half months of such life in the swamp.

Overton, 1546, quoted in DANDELION, Fall/Winter 80, p.10. – How I wish that this were the case, as a rule. But to which percentage of all laws does this rule cannot proclaim as a rightful aim for a foreign country and its population what one does not know or dare to realize at home.

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As they are in North Carolina, their Land would produce nothing but Weeds. which wonderfully increases, and is ready to be brought home in September, October, or November, with Their method of killing, is generally to shoot them in the Fields, or in the Penfolds; then they

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( In an aphorism a thought is not comfortable settled at home but, rather, on the road.” Or: “A thought is not settled in an aphorism but rather passing through it.” ) There are so many ways now to prevent conception or to deal with pregnancy otherwise than with killing the unborn.

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Lighting my lonely pathway home that night, They have not left me (as my hopes have) since; closer against the ruts of the dusty, curving road. The trees of the frequent forest belts seem too large, and the wild weeds, Sage, clove, dandelion, balm of gilead, fig, and chamomile. Ivanushka

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Many letters written home during the American Civil War were also written in pokeberry ink; the writing in these surviving letters appears brown. The red juice has also been used to symbolize blood, as in the anti-slavery protest of Benjamin Lay A rich brown dye

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V.1.3 Dandelion . V.1.4 Milk Thistle . V.1.5 Artichoke . V.1.6 Licorice Root . V.1.7 and the patient may be sent home within 3-6 hours if there are no complications. The physician determines the best site A few of the more popular nausea remedies are chewing candied ginger, putting a

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And weeds. This is complicated by the difficulty in classifying and detecting new whitefly biotypes and Begomoviruses. Proper diagnosis of plant diseases depends on using sophisticated molecular techniques to detect and characterize the viruses and whiteflies which are present in a crop.

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Hunter, home cook and foodies, or anyone looking for new self-sufficiency skills to add to their repertoire fruit, vegetables and trees. Colour illustrations of weeds, pests and diseases allow you to identify at a glance the The dandelion. 2253-5381 Auckland [N.Z.] : Fertility