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Athlete's foot (also known as ringworm of the foot tinea pedis and moccasin foot) is a fungal infection of the skin that causes scaling, flaking, and itch of affected areas, and in severe cases, swelling and amputation of the foot.

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Tinea cruris, also known as crotch itch, crotch rot, Dhobie itch, eczema marginatum, gym itch, jock itch, jock rot, scrot rot and ringworm of the groin :303 is a dermatophyte fungal infection of the groin region in any sex, though more often seen in males. In the German sprachraum this condition

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Easing the itch of rashes can be done with simple home remedies or medical treatment. Learn about the underlying cause of the rash and watch this video for tips on how to properly ease the itch caused by skin rashes.

Home Remedies Jock Itch

Home Remedies For Jock Itch, Natural Remedies
Home remedies for jock itch help you to cure and treat jock itch problem naturally without any side effects.

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Chance for “jock itch," an infection on your skin which may look like chapping or redness of your penis, scrotum, and sometimes your upper legs. • Try not to wear the same pair of shoes every day. Let them air out for a day before you wear them again.

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While many conditions are self-limiting and improve with simple home remedies, You state that the itch is "unbearable" and that you are scratching to the point of bleeding, those word imply that you need professional medical care.

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