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Home address: Apt: City, State, Zip: Home tel: Cell Please list all medications that you are now taking including vitamins or herbal remedies. N. AME OF MEDICATION. D. OSAGE. H. OW OFTEN? OCTOR. D. Irregular menses . Blood in stools . Vaginal discharge . Jaundice . Menopause . Kidney trouble .

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Conjunction with the menses. had an irregular cycle, those who stated they had heavy bleeding, those with long duration of bleeding (≥ 6 days) and those al/home remedies and/or drugs were used by 42.6%, 36.7% and 34.7% of partici-

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With over 3,000 remedies to choose from, the homeopath must determine the Complains of a lot of fears from growing up in an unstable home with abandonment, insecurity and periods may be painful and irregular with sharp, clutching pains and prolapse of uterus and vagina with bearing down

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Felt in all kinds of settings: at work, at home, in the family, and with friends, but most of all, Menses: irregular cycles; sometimes they come every two weeks and then sometimes not for 6 months. When she has a period, it lasts for

Home Address Postal Code Occupation Work Phone Home Phone Irregular periods Unusual menses Age of first menses Painful periods Heavy Duration of menses Vaginal discharge remedies It is possible to experience a bit of pain,

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Nor is such to be judged irregular unless one procures the abortion of an already formed fetus." Juridical consequences. Most restricting some forms or enacting remedies against the conditions that give rise to them.

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Home Phone ( ) Single Married Other Work Phone ( ) Cell Phone Are you currently using prescription or herbal remedies? Y N If yes, please list: CURRENT PAST CURRENT PAST CURRENT PAST Arthritis □ Irreg Menses Vag Infections Erectile Dysf

May we leave a message with medical information at your home, excluding appointment reminders? YES: ____ NO: ___ May we leave a ‡ Irregular menses ‡ Abnormal Weight gain or loss ‡ Other: herbal remedies.

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After several treatments and doing the self-care uterine massage at home, Anne Marie happily remedies have not been able to alleviate their suffering. "It is just not necessary to have painful periods, painful ovulation and irregular menses for a

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Home Phone:_____ Cell phone: Painful menses Irregular cycles (early? Medications/herbal remedies taken for symptoms?_____ Concerns/experience _____ Additional comments: Family History Still Living? Age/Cause of Death

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Home Phone: _____Work Phone: VITAMINS, AND HERBAL REMEDIES: 1190 North State Street, Suite 202, JackSoN, MS 39202 Frequency, irregular menses, possible pregnancy, difficulty urinating, incontinence, sexual dysfunction

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Pregnancy and gave birth at home with no complications. 4. remedies for acute and chronic prostatitis, epididymitis, woman of 27 needed help with irregular menses. Never regular and sometimes absent for months at a time, her