Home Remedies In Rainy Season

By | March 5, 2014

In the rainy season there are air borne diseases and water borne diseases. Among the waterborne diseases, and their remedies, in case you fall prey. drains near your home.

Reliance on herbal medicine, home remedies in the initial Transportation was a problem, especially during the rainy season when the river impeded exit Many were not seeking proper care for chronic illnesses (especially diabetes and high blood pressure)

Use this old household remedy to give some plants a boost.

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Bengali, Urdu, Marathi, Oriya, Kannada, Tamil, Telugu, and Malayalam. However, English is becoming a popular second language. Home Remedies Older Asian Indian women often recommend home treatment. Home remedies, such as massage, bathing

Faculty of Pharmacy, Federal Urdu University of Arts Sciences and Technology ABSTRACT employ home remedies to treat malaria. Holy basil leaves are believed to be helpful in alleviating malaria symptoms. MALARIA TREATMENT

home remedies or seek care from inappropriate or poorly trained health care providers5. The national ARI control program in Pakistan started Urdu (national language of Pakistan), Punjabi and saraiki (regional language). SAMPLING:

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Walking in dirty water during rainy season leads to numerous fungal infections which affect toes and nails. Diabetic patients have to take a special care about their feet. Ayurvedic Home remedies for Monsoon diseases 1.

Especially during the rainy season. Financial constraints often led families to use traditional treatments. ently defined, and can indicate anything from home remedies to a self-administered course of anti-malarials or other drugs [26].

Results but mothers did not use home remedies.8 Village wise distribution of diarrhea episodes al, observed maximum prevalence in rainy season (32.99%) followed by summer month (12.93%). Least number of such cases (8.64%)

Side vents during rainy season to avoid the entry of rainwater. Glazing was provided with 200 µ (800 guage) thick ultra violet stabilized low density polyethylene film. Shade net of 50 per cent (white colour) was fitted inside naturally ventilated polyhouse, which is used to spread

Schedule in rainy season as the chances of having digestive problems is great during this season. Ayurveda describes aggravation (vitiation) Home remedies: 1. In indigestion, its Swarasa along with Nimbu (lemon) Juice and Rock salt is very