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14.1.5 Cerumen / wax in the ears 159. 14.1.6 Pharyngitis 160. 14.1.7 Tonsillitis (Especially children) 160. 14.1.8 Laryngitis 161. 14.1.9 Epiglottitis (Exclusively children) 162. 14.1.10 Sinusitis 163. (remedies / medicines) usually the FOUR A’S:

Ear Wax Treatment And Removal – About.com Deafness
impacted ear wax; When I was a child, I found the process of removing ear wax fascinating. You can use an over-the-counter wax softener to clean your ears at home. If you are experiencing any ear pain, dizziness, discharge, or hearing loss,

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X-rays of the abdomen, generally only performed if bowel obstruction is suspected, may reveal extensive impacted fecal matter in the colon, at Merck Manual of Diagnosis and Therapy Home Edition (UK NHS site) MedlinePlus Overview – the

Greek Qabalah II
161. Traveling teaches a man frugality, and self-sufficiency. The sweetest remedies for hunger with the Barley Grains, Cerumen from the Ear of a Mule. [PGM Spell to be spoken: "I am picking you, such and such a plant, with my Five-fingered Hand, I, NN, and I am bringing you home so that

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Earwax Removal Home Remedies – Buzzle
Earwax Removal Home Remedies Earwax is a sticky, yellowish substance produced by the wax glands of the ear canal to protect it from dust, dirt, bacteria and virus.

Ear Wax – Problems With And Removing Ear Wax
impacted ear wax; removing ear wax; Ear wax can be a problem for many people with hearing loss. What kind of problems are caused by ear wax? How can you remove ear wax?

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Earwax Blockage – MayoClinic.com – Mayo Clinic
Earwax blockage occurs when earwax (cerumen) accumulates in your ear or becomes too hard to wash away naturally. Book: Mayo Clinic Book of Home Remedies; Give today to find cures for tomorrow; References. Earwax.

Ear Drainage – What Does Ear Drainage Mean
Swimmer's Ear Home Remedies; Natural Treatment for Swimmer's Ear; Kristin Hayes About.com Ear, Nose, & Throat Disorders. Sign up for My Newsletter; Headlines; Forum; Related Video. How Does Ear Pressure Work? Ear Tubes and Tympanostomy.