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Latino/Hispanic/Chicano: If I wear a suit I get treated differently than if I dress how I am now. It™s a disrespect of our culture. I use a lot of home remedies and have always taken real good care of myself, but I still got a stroke.childbirth is a natural

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Phoenix Multicultural ’s Proprietary Hispanic Brand Loyalty Study The inaugural wave of the study includes the following key product categories: •Headache remedies headache remedies •In home electronics, leverage brands as badges of status and prestige . Proprietary and Confidential. 32

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On behalf of the thousands of Hispanic homeowners and community members we serve across the service industry and negotiate meaningful remedies that compel home-saving solutions. Certainly many Californians have been hurt by the foreclosure crisis,

To learn of home remedies used by the Hispanic population of NE Tennessee who are migrant farm workers or have recently immigrated to this region. To learn about the safety and efficacy of commonly used home remedies.

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Non-Hispanic), while 31% (N=4) reported unknown race and ethnicity. Among cases with known race and . ethnicity, 15.4% were Hispanic (N=2). fungicides or home remedies, although the data is not available to explore these concerns. Figure 4.

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• Increase Hispanic participants 6 % to 10 %. Isenberg and Colleagues JAMA 1998 These figures do not represent the El Paso region All non-English speaking individuals were excluded, along with those who Home remedies that have been

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• Use Hispanic store for purchase of home remedies or medications from native countries (including penicillin). There was no stated concern about illegal importation of drugs or the safety of these drugs. • Overall, are not familiar with health disparities

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CULTURAL CONSIDERATIONS IN THE DELIVERY OF DENTAL SERVICES TO THE HISPANIC COMMUNITY Her exposure to the workplace and her social contacts outside the home will tend to and cultural remedies for illness Attempt to make connections between cultural remedies and current standards of

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C. Hispanic seniors tend to trust their doctors implicitly and will follow his or her instructions without question. Home remedies and homeopathic “cures” are prevalent in Hispanic culture. Always ask if the senior is taking herbal supplements or

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Expanding and diversifying the economy and extending Hispanic trade with the greater to maintain the emperor's forces in Germany and ships at sea, and to satisfy increasing consumer demand at home More drastic remedies were required as Spain's isolation from the rest of

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53-64% used herbal/home remedies or rituals Shared information regarding drug-herbal interactions Type 2 Diabetes: increased prevalence among Hispanic and Native American/American Indian populations Qual Health Res 2003;13:1094-115 Clin Nurs Res 2003; 12:304-323. Regulations and

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In addition to the home remedies mentioned earlier, Hispanic focus group participants provided exam-ples of a number of home remedies adopted from their native countries (Figure 2). Many Hispanic respon-dents stated that they used home

• Keep in mind that imported health remedies may be manufactured or home-made and may be Hispanic/Haitian √ Greta Traditional remedy for digestive problems, empacho Mexico, Central America √ Litargirio Traditional remedy;