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By | April 28, 2014

You do not have to spend hundreds, or even thousands, of dollars just to get rid of dark spots on the face. Facial laser resurfacing is not always the answer or surgery for that matter. Certainly, you cannot go wrong with natural products, and the same applies to removing dark spots. Why damage your skin any further when what you only want is to improve it and make it look better? Do not risk your health when it comes to this.

Is having a red rash in the vicinity of the genitals or particularly the vagina a serious issue. In a manner of speaking, no, a vaginal rash is no different than having a rash on your face or on other body parts. Nevertheless depending on the cause of why the rash has developed could then determine seriousness. In saying this still not a time to worry till you have had your vaginal rash checked out by your doctor.

Home remedies (toothpaste, etc.) Heat Exhaustion Symptoms dry face Skin abnormally hot to touch area Motorcycle and ATV Burn Safety Avoid contact with hot muffler and engine Wear clothes that protect against road rash Do not smoke while refueling Hotel/Motel Fire

At some time in most people’s lives a rash can develop. These can be caused by many different things such as allergies to certain foods, chemicals or metals, heat, insect bites or reactions to certain medications. People may resort to the use of an over the counter topical cream containing steroids for rashes, if the problem persists for a number of days. These may do the trick and work in most cases, although some people will have to seek medical assistance there is no response.

___ Recent fevers/sweats ___ Cough/wheeze ___ Rash Breast ___ Muscle/joint/pain ___ Cold/heat intolerance No Yes MEDICATIONS: Prescription and non-prescription medicine, vitamins, home remedies, birth control pills, herbs, etc.

Cultural therapies, home remedies or other treatments. The Amer-ican Academy of Family Physicians note that some “Asian and Heat rash is very common in newborns because they have immature sweat ducts and parents tend to overdress their baby.

Lance and drain Diaper Rash Treatment: antibacterial cream, mineral oil cleansing, exposure to air to dry the rash Corns and Callouses Corns heart, lungs Skin smooth, hard, tight Progressive Treatment: ointments, massage, heat, steroids Pilonidal Cyst Sac containing a hair that

Skin rash, sneezing/ stuffy nose, trouble breathing, skin infec-tion or irritation not present before begin-ning medication. and other heat sources should be kept well away from hair while it is being treated. If pregnant or breast feeding,

___Rash ___Unexplained fatigue/weakness ___New or ___Muscle/joint pain ___Cold/heat intolerance ___Breast lump ___Back pain ___Increase MEDICATIONS: Prescription and non-prescription medicines, vitamins, home remedies, birth control pills, herbs, etc. Medication Dose (e

rash in her diaper area PMH: has some red areas on her face. PMH: Three ear infections. none Social History: Lives at home with her parents and her two older brothers. ROS: negative. Case One: Skin Exam How would you describe these exam findings? Case One: Skin Exam

Metal working fluids (MWFs) are industrial coolants and lubricants used to reduce friction and heat generated with the machining, grinding and fabrication operations of metal products and to lubricate • Using a mild soap at home can protect the skin from further damage.

History: Zinc oxide rash cream that was heated to a relatively high temperature solely by the action of rotating mixing plate. Ointment Soft, Heat to critical temperature Transfer finished product by pump into drum or tank Homogenize or pass thru colloid mill while warm.

• Always ask about traveling (parasites) contacts at home, school, work • Other previous skin HISTORY OF SPECIFIC SKIN COMPLAINT . EXAMINATION History • Patient should be completely undressed to assess the rash • Examine in a good light ( day – Heat and cold – Patch tests

There are many remedies, which affect the skin, and a variety of treatment models which can be used. itchy rash, worse for heat and water or Graphites for a crusty, cracking eczema which oozes sticky, the fear on her face and vowed never to let her go into hospital again. Since that