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This procedure can be done at home in the shower using an ear irrigation syringe with a right angle tip. After the wax is removed, the ear can be dried by tipping the head and gently pulling the ear upwards to straighten the ear canal.

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Model Sim EE /PLUS Tutorial
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Home Remedies For Cholesterol – Treatment & Cure – Natural …
Read about home remedies for cholesterol and cholesterol treatments. Also read how to cure cholesterol naturally with proven home remedies.

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Natural Remedies For Good Cholesterol Levels | EHow
Natural Remedies for Good Cholesterol Levels. High blood cholesterol is one of the main contributors to heart disease. Bad (LDL) cholesterol builds up in arteries and hardens into plaque, which impedes blood flow and causes high blood pressure. Good (HDL) cholesterol is transported away from

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Herbal Option For Diabetes: An Overview – Asian Pacific …
And still they are using as home remedies for the effective treatment for diabetes mellitus. (TG), high density lipoprotein (HDL) and low density lipoprotein (LDL) level. Moreover chloroform extract of Benincasa hispida fruit, Tinispora cordifolia stem, Ocimum sanctum (O.

Natural Remedies For Metabolic Syndrome – Alternative …
Natural Remedies for Metabolic Syndrome. By Cathy Wong. Updated January 29, 2013. Reviewed by a board-certified health professional. See About.com's Medical Review Board.

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Chapter 12
Increases levels of HDL Decreased risk of coronary artery disease Decreased anxiety Relaxation alcohol and alcoholism • Develop a factual attitude vs. an emotional attitude • Don’t use home remedies e.g. copper bracelets • Find assistance through support groups