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By | April 25, 2014

Most women and men will be affected by this condition eventually. The earlier you get treatment for this condition, the better your chances are for growing your hair back. You can use natural treatments to stimulate hair growth and stop thinning. There are a number of reasons for hair loss which are different in men and women. Men generally experience hair loss for hereditary reasons and hormonal factors such as change in testosterone levels. Excessive stress and consumption of alcohol and smoking are also some reasons for male hair loss.

Many women will notice that their strands are thinning by the time they reach middle age. This can happen for many reasons but regardless of the reason, it is important to begin treatment as soon as possible. Before you start your hunt for the best possible remedies in the market, make sure you do your bit at home. There are a number of tonics that can be prepared at home. Here are some of the home remedies that can promote hair growth:

Losing hair can be very stressful for any individual. Though hair loss is most often associated with men, it can certainly occur in women as well. Natural hair restoration remedies are in abundance for those of you who would prefer to achieve regrowth of hair naturally, and heal your body from the inside out. All of the ingredients are healthy, natural and cheap, readily available from your local market, health food stores.

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HAIR LOSS QUESTIONNAIRE Please tell me more about your hair loss condition by answering the following questions. Circle the ones that you were taking when your hair began to fall out. 11. Please list any additional medications that you were taking when your hair began to fall out but that

An extent that hair may fall out and new hair grow in very slowly. Women who keep their diets adequate in iodine, Home Remedies . Several home remedies have been found useful in the prevention and treatment of the loss of the hair.

Hair Loss Treatment Options for Male Pattern Hair Loss . Rogaine: • Topical solution is applied twice a day to scalp. • Safe. • If the product is discontinued the hair may fall out to where it would have been naturally if

Be Beautiful – A Self Help Guide -Hair Fall – 3 Hair Fall There are several conditions which cause hair fall. Some of the major causes are: A prolonged illness

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