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Sinusitis – What Is Sinusitis? – ENT – Ear Nose And Throat …
Sinusitis is an inflammation of the sinuses. Sinusitis can be caused by infection, allergies, or structural abnormalities. Symptoms include severe headaches, post nasal drip, congestion, and more.

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Post Nasal Drip Remedies And Treatments From TheraBreath
This article provides some common post nasal drip remedies that may be helpful in decreasing the symptoms of postnasal drip cough and sore throat.

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Shown are T1 weighted axial (a) pre-contrast and (b) post-contrast images exhibiting dactylitis due to flexor tenosynovitis at the second finger with enhancement and thickening of the tendon sheath (large arrow).

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List any medications you take (including oral contraceptives, aspirin, over the counter medications and home remedies): PostNasal Drip Chronic Cough Dry Throat/ Mouth

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Who was also studying brains of aphasiacs post-mortem and identified the region now known as Wernicke's area. Discoveries of both men contributed to the concept of localization, Auditory processing disorder · Epistaxis · Headache · Postnasal drip

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There are also many disorders that can cause these bothersome symptoms and several different remedies. Health; Ear, Nose, & Throat Disorders. Search. (whisper, stay home from work if your job includes singing, speeches or a lot of teaching chronic sinusitis and postnasal drip

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Sinus infections (also called sinusitis) can cause a sore throat, as can chronic post nasal drip. Post nasal drip feels like a runny nose in the back of your throat and can be caused by sinusitis, allergies, Home Remedies for Tonsillitis and Sore Throat; Having Your Tonsils Removed;