Home Remedies For Cramps During Period

By | March 26, 2014

For many women, one of the most uncomfortable symptoms of their forties and early fifties is perimenopause cramps. One thing that often causes cramps during perimenopause is estrogen dominance. Unfortunately, estrogen dominance or an overload of estrogen in the body can cause lots of other symptoms related to menopause, and hair loss, hot flashes, mood swings and sleepless nights are just a few more that come up quite frequently. Sometimes these symptoms related to estrogen dominance can even lead to a misdiagnosis of a thyroid condition. Because there are so many estrogen-like synthetic substances in our environment, our food, and our hair and skin care products, even men and children may end up with an imbalance of estrogen in their bodies.

Before considering the various uterine fibroids home remedies, lets consider what a uterine fibroid is. A uterine fibroid is an overgrowth of muscle tissue that originates in a woman’s uterus. Fibroids usually appear at the middle or later part of a woman’s reproductive period. In the woman’s uterine wall, fibroids grow as a single tumor or in clusters that are found attached abnormally.

Menorrhagia is an abnormally heavy and prolonged menstrual period with excessive menstrual bleeding lasting longer than 7 days or blood loss exceeding 80 ml caused by abnormal blood clotting, disruption of normal hormonal regulation of periods or disorders of the endometrial lining of the uterus. In this article, we will discuss how to treat menorrhagia with herbs.

Menorrhagia is a condition in women that basically refers to heavy menstrual periods. It is very unpleasant and it can have a multitude of causes, uterine fibroids being one of the most common ones. Hormonal imbalances or other uterus growths can also cause heavy menstrual periods. A woman can tell if she is suffering of menorrhagia because she needs extra sanitary protection and she needs to change this hourly and also several times during night. Heavy menstrual periods are sometimes accompanied by abdominal cramps and menstrual pains.

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Common Discomforts and Home Remedies . The following is a list of the common discomforts of pregnancy, and some safe, easy things you can do to help relieve them. If symptoms seem severe, contact your healthcare provider. Leg cramps — stretch your legs

Home remedies can also provide assistance with those looking to kill head lice, remove an unsightly wart, and so much more. ranging from headaches to menstrual cramps to head lice. There are also printed resources, like books and manuals, available

Femalite – Promotes normal emotional and hormonal balance during the premenstrual period moderate bleeding and severe cramps. It's really hard to say what one's experience will be. At-Home Remedies

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