Home Remedies For Common Diseases

By | June 27, 2014

Almost all types of disease can be treated using natural herbal remedies. Most herbs have medicinal benefits and can provide effective relief from symptoms of different diseases. In fact, many modern medicines have evolved from herbal sources. A number of simple home remedies can be prepared using ingredients found in the kitchen. Natural herbal remedies are ideal as they are economical and the ingredients are readily available.

Amenorrhea is a state of woman in her reproductive age where menstruation is absent. During this period a woman will not experience any menstrual bleeding. Amenorrhea has two stages- Primary and secondary. It is not so common condition in females. But Amenorrhea is significantly seen during pregnancy and lactation. During the primary stage of Amenorrhea a patient suffers from irregular menstrual cycle. The gap between two cycles increases exponentially finally leading to the secondary stage. During this stage total absence of period occurs. Secondary stage can be determined when a woman misses her cycles for over a couple of months.

Home remedies for cysts on the ovaries can be used very successfully to treat this common problem which has been one of the many concerns of women in the past few years. Although some cysts on ovaries are normal and functional and will just disappear on their own without treatment, there are those cysts that are potential risks because they are either too big or causing painful symptoms. It’s usually rare for ovarian cysts to cause symptoms but if they do, they can cause rupturing, bleeding, vomiting, abdominal pain, nausea, pain during intercourse and irregular menstrual periods. If you have these symptoms, it’s time to consult your physician and look for solutions.

Of Home Remedies Some diseases are helped by home remedies. Others can be treated better with modern medicine. COMMON DIARRHEA, HERBAL TEAS ARE OFTEN BETTER, CHEAPER, AND SAFER THAN MODERN MEDICINES. 1 Where There Is No Doctor 2013. 2

home remedies ever make doctors and physicians obsolete. Herbs, Some diseases are caused solely from the lack or oversupply of certain essential biochemicals A common accusation brought against herbs and herbalists by medical and pharmaceutical

You need to know the most common diseases that you need to stay away from and their remedies, in case you fall prey. If you catch common cold then the best home made remedy is a glass of hot turmeric milk.

Ensuring a home free of chemical pesticides by using natural remedies several diseases such as cholera, dysentery, diarrhoea etc. Fly control is rooted in sanitation. Common Insects Found in Foods Stored at Home

common eye problems such as bloodshot red eyes, inflamed eyes, ocular diseases can even come from sexually transmitted diseases such as herpes inferior (and sometimes even unsafe) remedies onto the market – giving natural

[1] Home Remedies for Common Diseases Acidity Neem stem – 3 sticks Sugar – 1 tbsp Ginger powder – 1tbsp Coriander powder – … tbsp Boil 2 cups of water and add all the ingredients boil the water till it reduces to 1 cup.

Natural remedies for poultry diseases common in ‘natural’ and ‘organic’ flocks Jacquie Jacob and Tony Pescatore The most common diseases in poultry. Thyme, oregano, and gar-

diseases [10]. Luke warm extracts of Boriginaceae family members are reported to be used to increase lactation in Kashmir [11]. Traditional Home Remedies for Common Ailments from Himayatnagar Taluka of Nanded District Author: Madhushree M. Routh, Manisha P. Mangulkar

Home-Made Orchid Remedies and Treatments common pests of orchids. To be successful with these methods, it is imperative that they are defense against insects and diseases. b. Control weeds and pests in and around your growing area.

Use of Home Remedies and Traditional Medicines for the Treatment of Common Eye Other common eye remedies/TEM mentioned included rose water, honey, cold water splashes, alum distinguish between different eye diseases that result