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May have thin white or grayish discharge with a strong ammonia-like or fishy odor. Other symptoms may include •Do not douche or use other home remedies. These can upset the natural despite home treatment with over-the-counter medication.

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Imaging test (mammograms) Reassurance / high spontaneous remission rate Only labeled/studied treatment: Danazol Nipple Discharge Alternative therapies: SERMs – tamoxifen, raloxifene Phyto estrogens Herbal remedies etc. 50% of women asymptomatic Symptoms “Fishy smelling

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Urethral discharge …………………………………………………………………………… The most common presentation is diarrhea which is foul-smelling with fatty stools (steatorrhea), flatulece, weight loss,

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Top 10 Worst Home Remedies for Bad Breath break down proteins and produce foul smelling gasses. · Kidney Diseases (kidney failure can produce a fishy odor) · Blood disorders · Gallbladder dysfunction · Menstruation

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HYPO: same scenario. Smells coming from next door smelling apartment. Tenant sues and loses. Tenant assigns his interests to a sublettor. If you discharge the pollutants into the stream, What if D1 has a vacation home in E.D. NY?

Described as "fishy." discharge from your sinuses into the back of your throat can cause mouth odor. A child with bad breath may have a foreign object lodged in his or her nose. LIFESTYLE and HOME REMEDIES

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5.2 Traditional remedies; 6 Research; 7 See also; 8 References Scientists have long thought that smelling one's own breath odor is often difficult due to acclimatization, One popular home method to determine the presence of bad breath is to lick the back of the wrist,

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• more discharge than usual • a fishy smell, especially after sex • mild itching. Abnormal Discharge 265 local remedies, or with medicines found in most pharmacies. For • green or yellow bad-smelling discharge from the vagina

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Herbal Remedies A fishy odor could be the result of chronic liver ailments. Those that have diabetes have infections cause a nasal discharge. It goes from the back of the throat and trickles downward. This can cause a foul odor.

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Body odor is present both in animals and humans and its intensity can be influenced by many factors (behavioral patterns, survival strategies). Body odor has a strong genetic basis both in animals and humans, but it can be also strongly influenced by various diseases and psychological conditions

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As is the case in many of our fear remedies This response is the natural one, once flight and fight have been tested and found wanting. Got home phone lines were down so couldn't phone anyone to see what had happened at college.

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Maintain a record Talk with the harasser Write a letter to the harasser Seek support File a complaint Seek legal remedies Sexual Assault Centre of Edmonton Handouts Where watery discharge, gray in color “fishysmell foul smelling, greenish or yellowish discharge

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Selection Of Homoeopathic Remedies And Algorithmic Approach For -She suffered for many days after this dose with a most copious discharge from her nose and bronchial tubes Before menses leucorrhoea with fishy odor. (Old symptom.) Has always been much heated in summer, but never