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Tradition of community or ethnic group 4. As tribal communities are insulated from the impact of wider world coarse hair, scanty beard and body hair, home remedies, magico-religious treatment, and treatment based on plant folk medicine.

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Ethnic Background: ____Hispanic home remedies, herbs: (please use back side if necessary) Child’s Name Name of Medication Dosage Name of Physician Who Prescribed: Gas Hair/Nails Home Phone Church Donations Cell Phone School lunches Cable

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hair and cosmetic L’Oréal is turning its attention to the rapidly expanding ethnic-beauty market, natural tone is dark and they prefer home remedies recommended by their mothers. Most still use hair oil – vegetable oil,

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Hair preparations Water pipes Automobile batteries Fishing & diving weights Stabilizer in plastics Lead in Gasoline and in Blood The good news Risk factors for elevated BLLs Age Season More risk factors Income Income, Medicaid vs private insurance, own-rent home, Ethnic imports (foods, remedies

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Hair: Shampoo; Conditioner; Styling; Styling products. gel; mousse; pomade; spray; Neal's Yard Remedies; Neutrogena; Nexxus; Nivea; O Boticário; Oriflame; Origins; Paula Begoun; Pond Sephora; Shiseido; Shu Uemura; SK-II; SkinCeuticals; Stila; Ulta; Ultima II; Urban Decay; Vichy; Victoria's Secret; Vie at Home; Wella; Yves Rocher; Categories

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Secular remedies, preferring animal sacrifice to anticonvulsants. Medical, scientists now view skin color, eye color, hair type, and other outward signs associated "ethnic" – black, Irish, Italian, Jewish, and Puerto Rican

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Food & Water Feces, Sweat, Hair, Nails Bone Lead Body Burden Adults – 90-95% Children dust Lead contaminated soil Lead-contaminated drinking water Occupational take-home exposure Ethnic remedies (pay-loo-ah, azarcon & greta) Food & food containers (tamarind candy, lead glazed

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Be aware that there is variability in this ethnic group in their health care seeking and health Wait and see how illness/symptoms progress while coping using available home or folk remedies; 2.  Hair care products used by many African-Americans leave their hair oily to the

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• scant pubic and axillary hair; or home remedies and any history of possible exposure to diethylstilbestrol in uteroshould be elicited. A history of anosmia or hyposmia, mid-line escutcheon.The ethnic origin of the patient should be

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The loss in contrast sensitivity can be quickly and easily measured by a contrast sensitivity test performed either at home or by an eye specialist.

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Her hair was darker, as was her skin, In addition, ethnic identity is not static; the social, political, historical, and interpersonal situation may influence how strongly someone expresses his or her ethnic identity May use home remedies simultaneously.

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Page 5 ± Home Remedies Page 6, 7 ± Geographic Distribution of the Language Married women wear a vermilition mark in the part of their hair to as a symbol of their marital status other ethnic groups).

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Arthritis makes it very difficult for individuals to be physically active and many become home bound. Other features of lupus include a skin rash, extreme photosensitivity, hair loss, kidney problems, lung fibrosis and ethnic groups and cultures. In the United States a CDC survey